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About a month ago, i was in a winderful Indian Restuant, just off Times Square in New York City.  I was at The Integrative Health Symposium (more Blogs to come) and was having dinner with  4 other wonderful ladies from that meeting.  We had some great food .  I was intrigued with the simplicity and taste of the light and semi-sweet tasting rice.


Four areas 98% of my "weight-challenged" clients have never had a proper assessment of are:   1, 2) the gastrointestinal tract and immune system, 3) the endocrine system - where important metabolic systems like the adrenals and thyroid are located and 4) the detoxification system.  All 4 of these are connected and affect each other, and are VERY related to metabolism and thus healthy body composition and weight.

When I address even one of these areas - the individual starts to feel better and lose weight with success that they have never experienced.
Did you know that New York State has more mineral springs than any other state in the Union .... that the first Natural Health Food Store was in NY state ? The first health "clinic" was formed in New York State. The first department of "Chaplain and Spiritual Care Services" was in Clifton Springs, New York. The practice of Naturopathy started in New York. Dr. Simon Baruch, MD - father of hydrotherapy, was a NY City based physician in 1881 and started his studies with our springs here in Saratoga Springs, NY.

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