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Health and Healing in New York State and Saratoga Springs

Did you know that New York State has more mineral springs than any other state in the Union .... that the first Natural Health Food Store was in NY state ? The first health "clinic" was formed in New York State. The first department of "Chaplain and Spiritual Care Services" was in Clifton Springs, New York. The practice of Naturopathy started in New York. Dr. Simon Baruch, MD - father of hydrotherapy, was a NY City based physician in 1881 and started his studies with our springs here in Saratoga Springs, NY.

This information is just a sampling of the information presented at the Gideon Putnam & Roosevelt Baths and Spa Reawakening Retreat, Spa State Park, Saratoga Springs on Saturday March 13th, 2010. Dr. Les Moore, a Naturopathic Physician, Lic. Acupuncturist, author, speaker and the Director of the Integrative Health Department at Clifton Springs Hospital in western NY presented information on Hydrotherapy.  And I presented on the powers of Foods and Nutrients in Health and Vitality.

Dr. Moore explained the use of water for healing is an art and science unto itself. Hydrotherapy is the application of water in the treatment of disease and the maintenance of health.  Hydropathy refers to the "water cure" which arose from the empirical tradition and professed to cure all diseases by use of water . Balneology or balneotherapy refers to the science of baths and their therapeutic uses. Crenology or crenotherapy is the science and use of waters from mineral springs.

Dr. Moore speaks worldwide on his research and knowledge of Hydrotherapy. Just about all cultures have had large traditions of healing springs, and Europe and Asia still continue with their healing tradition today.  Besides the immense positive effects on health, these waters in other cultures have supported them in their economy as Dr. Moore has reported.  America is beginning to revive her incredible tradition of `taking the waters'.  Is New York on the cutting edge of reclaiming her rightful place as the leader of Spa and Resort Therapy in America ?  WE SHOULD BE.

During his discussion, I commented "It  appears we are on a gold mine", and Dr. Moore responded, "We are".  Wouldn't this be a great venture for New York State to pursue - especially in this time of economic dread and health care challenges that are higher than it has ever been for our state history? 

Dr. Moore has tested and concluded our healing springs in Saratoga Springs possess the healing minerals he presented on- which are the ingredients for healing - with very short-term usage.  Did you know there are over 300,000 research articles on the benefits of hydrotherapy ?  Some common chronic conditions that studies have proven hydrotherapy can help heal (with short term use of several weeks) are: hypertension, heavy metal toxicity, depression, diabetes, heart disease, general signs and symptoms of aging, arthritis, autoimmune disease and much, much more.

These conditions were also discussed by myself in my presentation on Integrative and Functional Medicine.  I explained that in my work with foods and nutrients, I regularly see people transition to health, discontinue medications, lose weight, and feel more vital than they have experienced in years.


If you were not able to attend this inspiring day of learning about the history of the area we live in and the health and healing qualities of our waters, our health practitioners and more, please mark your calendars for The Park-wide Anniversary & Wellness Festival slated for Sept  10th , 2010 weekend.



#1  Have you experienced positive effects from the use of our healing springs ?  If you have, what specifically happened ?

#2  What can we do as a Community to expand our gift of the springs to utilize them more for improving the health and economy of our state ?






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Great blog!! You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned :)

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