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Fresh Summer Indian Vegetable Dish ....in 20 Minutes

    Like many of my clients at the end of a work-day, last night I was too tired to cook, but wanted something nourishing for dinner.  I prepared a Indian Dinner in about 20 minutes that was GREAT and very satisfying!



   Here is my short cut method.  The 1st Grocery store I went by, I ran in and asked where the Indian Foods are.  I grabbed a box of Punjab Eggplant for about $4.  I choose this because it was the only one I could find.  Usually there is more of a selection. The company is that makes this instant meal is "Tasty Bite".


At home, I grabbed all the fresh summer veggies we had in the refrig. & chopped, sautéed them in olive and sunflower oil .  I started with fresh garlic cloves, and onion - including the green stems.  I added swiss-chard, summer squash, and zucchini.  I cooked a batched of organic brown rice on another burner at the same time.  I added some coconut oil to the rice.  I added curry and ground cumin and salt to the sautéed.  I  added the box - actually it was a bag in a box - of Punjab eggplant.  I remembered I had some cooked black beans in the freezer - left over from another dish.  I tossed those in as well.


This meal is VERY satisfying.  I put it on top of rice and then had fresh watermelon.  Great dish, fast and healthy ! 

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OK-so tell me what a box of Punjab eggplant is? And where do I find it? I love Indian food, but am trying to talk the family into trying it.

I purchased the product At Hannaford. But as i said, all stores have these products - various brands

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