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FEEL GOOD: SPRING into new Growth and Change PART 1


There is Grace in Times of Uncertainty. 

We are living in a time of tremendous change and "overwhelm" -ONLY if we allow the overwhelm to come over us.   Many feel we're headed toward a brave, new frontier, and are now literally creating the tools for navigating this unknown landscape moment to moment. I see this all around us.



We see people of all ages creating change in ways we have never seen before.  Young children raising money for others in need, physicians creating culture change for health and healing (more to come in future blog), many celebrities establishing their own charities and or foundations, or have joined other.  TV shows - like Celebrity Apprentice, are giving back millions.  And we could go on and on.  At a community level in Saratoga, we see fund raising and awareness weekly.  Tomorrow I will be exhibiting at the Autism Awareness Fair at Skidmore College.  For the first time in our area, people will see information on how to resolve autism symptoms simply by moderate diet changes.

In addition to many "outward changes" of economics, community, family culture, and health - just to name a few - we're also being called on to transform "internally". This is where we can make a difference for ourselves, which will lead to everyone and everything.  We are undergoing huge consciousness shifts, and many of us are feeling the call to evolve, and to embrace a new way of being.  A more fresh, more positive and simple "rebirth". If you can move out of "paralysis by analysis," living in the unknown can be an incredible opportunity for spiritual, personal, and professional growth.  Who knew there were gifts that could come from times of uncertainty?

Living in the unknown can provide you with many opportunities.  Below are a few.  More to come in the next post.  What are your ideas for others ?  What has helped you see the power in change ? 



Simplify your life.  Write a list of (only) what you need to accomplish this week and then break it down in daily tasks.  Then add something that is fun and preferably "physical" everyday. Don't add any extras to your list.  Then in a couple days, write a 6 mo and a 1 yr goal. 


Declutter.  This goes together well with simplify.  What physical area of your life has the most "stuff" that has not been used, takes up too much space, looks messy, or just does not feel open.  Start here.  And choose to  have fun doing it.  You are creating movement and positive change for yourself.  Then give your clutter away or join others for a garage sale.  Round Lake is having a community sale May 5th.  I live a couple miles from the site and am organizing a couple neighbors to have a sale on the same day.


Practice gratitude.  Some people need to have more support than others while in the process of change.  Focus on giving thanks for all you have. A daily gratitude practice can shift your mood faster than anything else. This can be done through meditation and or a journal. This continues to be Oprahs #1 advise. J

Define what happiness really means to you. Do your first 3 items above contain items on this list ?


Identify your anchors and what you need to truly rejuvenate and deeply nourish yourself. A daily walk, time with friends and or a pet, daily prayer, hourly smiles, eating sustainable foods, and the list goes on.


Live more in the present moment (right here, right now is the only truly stress-free zone).

Check in a couple days for Part 2.  

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 Warm Regards !:)

     Mary Beth

Mary Beth McCue,  RD  LDN  CDN
Functional Medicine & Nutrition
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