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Forty-eight hours- that's all the time I had to show my mother my new home in all its grandeur. And although it seems like a decent stretch to do this and that, it was a race against time the entire visit. It was an extremely short trip in which she was passing through merely to get her piano; my husband and I have been storing it for her for the past five years. My parent's recently bought a home in Florida that was finally big enough for her to retrieve one of her favorite pieces. Prior to her visit, I asked her multiple times what she wanted to do. She always responded with, "Anything and everything that has to do with Saratoga and the surrounding area." Now, if you've lived here long enough, even a mere six months like me, you know that the list of things to do and see is endless.

The first day was too short. It was my son's birthday so we tried to focus on things he loves to do. We started the day early and drove up Prospect Mountain in Lake George with some family friends. The intention was to have a picnic lunch all together on the peak. Unfortunately we didn't plan for it to be as cold and windy as it was on top of the mountain and ended up retreating to Shepards Park. There, we enjoyed our huge Roma sandwiches as we watched the boats cruise along the water. We then let all the children play on the playground and strolled along the waterfront until they were tired enough for their naps. That evening, which one could say is less "Saratoga," we spent some time, and money, in Wilton Mall playing in the bounce area at the food court and watching Cars 2.

The next day, we got up early again and we decided to do some shopping downtown Saratoga. We walked in and out of stores getting little mementoes for my mom and gifts for my dad. Over and over she would stop and gaze at the buildings and say she was just amazed on what a beautiful town and area this was. Subsequently we stumbled upon Ravenous, where my mother insisted we had to have lunch. Later, with our bellies full, we decided to walk it off in Congress Park. Of course a visit to Congress Park wouldn't be complete without a ride on the carousel. Later that afternoon, after another naptime, we decided to head back up to Lake George for Shoreline's Pizza Cruise. With pizza, entertainment, drinks, and a breathless view all together in one place, it was a nice way to spend our last meal as a family before she left. Of course, even though dessert was provided on the cruise, I informed my mother that she couldn't leave town without trying Stewart's ice cream- which to me is the best ice cream I've ever had and one of my first experiences in this town. And as quickly as she came, she was gone again, back to the Sunny State.

My only frustration with the past two days, however, is the thought of all the things we didn't do. There's Saratoga State Park, Saratoga Historic Park, Circus Café, SPAC, Yaddo Gardens, Beekman Street, the Saratoga Winery, etc... the list can go on and on. Prior to her leaving kept I apologizing on all the things we didn't get a chance to do, but as she pointed out, there wasn't enough time in two days. She did, however, say that she truly understands why I have fallen in love with this town and looks forward to another visit soon.

So I guess if you had forty-eight hours, what would you consider a "must see" or a "must do" in this area? Love to hear your thoughts!


48 hours and a limitless number of things to do and places to see. Ah yes, a dilemma we have faced time and again. What a delightful albeit sometimes frustrating predicament eh Danielle? Our short list includes the Thoroughbred Hall of Fame and Museum even for those who are not fans, a self guided walking tour of the homes on N. Broadway, lunch or dinner at the Olde Bryan Inn, a trip to The Ice Cream Man in Greenwich just east of Schuylerville (don't give the prize to any other ice cream until you've had theirs)and of course a trip to "the new" Oscars in Warrensburg. Coming up here soon, everyone in the world will be downtown for "Hats Off to Saratoga" and if that's not enough the Saratoga Historical Park (Battlefield)and Grants Cottage up on Mt. McGregor are great if you're interested in a bit of history. And that's just on Saturday! Only kidding but as you know, there is so much to do and there always seems to be so little time.

Mom must have enjoyed the cool temps I bet. Summer has arrived here in Florida with its heat and humidity and we're already looking forward to a break when we get back "home." Maybe we'll see you on Broadway.

Happy 4th Danielle and thank you and your husband for serving! God bless you and God bless America!

Connie and Bill


I couldn't agree more with you! Look forward to reading your next post!

48 hours to show a guest around town? It depends on the visitor, but my highlights would be:

* Saratoga Spa State Park
* Congress Park
* Yaddo Gardens
* Harness Track/Racino/Thoroughbred Track when open
* Saratoga Winery, Adirondack Winery, Olde Saratoga Brewing, Davidson Brothers Brewery
* Whiskey tasting at 9 Maple Ave
* Saratoga History Museum
* Dessert & coffee at the Adelphi
* Massages at the Crystal Day Spa
* Walk around Empire State Plaza
* Indian Ladder Trail, Thatcher Park
* Oakwood Cemetery, Uncle Sam's Grave

Man, the list could go on and on!!!

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Danielle Berry

Originally from the South Carolina Lowcountry, Danielle Berry is a southern girl through and through. Born into an Air Force family with three other siblings, her life included moving every four to five years up and down the East Coast. Although saying goodbye was never easy with every move, a new town always meant more friends and unfamiliar, yet exciting, things to do. Eventually her parents settled in the small town of Beaufort, South Carolina; a quaint coastal town between Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina. There, she found the porches were long, but the conversations were always longer.

A Converse College alumna, she met her husband, Jared, on a reluctant blind date her freshman year. Married in 2007, she followed him to Southeast Georgia where she was hired as an interior decorator and project manager for James Michael Howard. In 2009, they welcomed their first son, Michael, and she became a full time stay-at-home mom.

This past January, she followed her husband to Saratoga Springs. Although the porches aren’t as long, she has found that the conversations with the locals are. With an overwhelming amount of experiences awaiting, she is excited to be given another opportunity in a new town, with new friends, and new adventures.