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Horsing Around: Part 1

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Back in 1999, Chicago started an art phenomenon called the Cow Parade. In case you've never heard of it, this was an unique public art event in which numerous fiberglass cows were painted by different artists and displayed around the city. Since then, the cows have traveled all over the world thus inspiring other towns to follow this creative idea with their own interpretation; Saratoga Springs being one of them.

From my understanding, back in 2002 and again in 2007, the Saratoga County Arts Council and the YMCA of Saratoga presented "Horses, Saratoga Style". Of course, it comes as no surprise to many that horses would be the mascot for this artistic occasion, as this town is known for horse racing around the world. With artists from the Capital Region, Western New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts over 34 horses were commissioned to be design and exhibited around town. Finally, once these horses were finished with their own personal parade around Saratoga, they were subsequently auctioned off.

Today, many of the horses can still be seen around town. When I first moved here this past winter, I would like to say that almost all were not on display. However, with summer having more sculpture-friendly weather, I've noticed a lot of them popping up all over town. With a little digging and research, I've found a few maps online from years ago that give a small idea where some might be. Consequently it has become a game, a scavenger hunt if you will, to find all of them before they go back into hibernation for the winter. Over the next few weeks I hope to share some of my findings with you along with their current locations. I hate to say it, but this will be a "giddy-up" good time.

Heavenly Blue
Artist: Hannelore Dean
Location: National Museum of Dance
Sponsored: Ron & Michelle Riggi
Gift to the National Museum of Dance

Horse 01-A.jpg

Ode to The Blue Karner Butterfly
Artist: Brittanie Carlson
Location: National Museum of Dance
Sponsored: Gary & Nancy DiCresce
Gift to the National Museum of Dance

Horse 02-A.jpg

Horse Power II
Artist: George Frayne
Location: Saratoga Automobile Museum
Sponsored: Anthony R. Ianniello, Esq.
Gift to the Saratoga Automobile Museum

Horse 03-A.JPG

Location: Stewart's Shop, 210 South Broadway

Horse 04-A.JPG

Equus Dreaming
Artist: Kathleen McGowan
Location: Empire State College, 1 Union Avenue
Sponsored: Empire State College

Horse 05-A.JPG

Which one is your favorite? Got any clues for me to rowdy up some more horses and photos?

Just a side note: I like to thank my partner in crime, Jennifer Bishop, for helping me with a lot of these photos. To see more of her photos, check out her Flickr account under ryansgirl0928 or her Red Bubble portfolio under Jennifer Bishop.


I personally like Ode to The Blue Karner Butterfly
because of the mosaic look. Nice work Danielle!

We love the horses around town Danielle and we think some new ones were added this year. We really like colorful one outside the Olde Bryon Inn. Plus we really like the Old Bryan Inn! We had a great 10 days in the Spa and to steal from my wife, "It's always evolving but somehow it never changes." Can you share the websites that give the locations of the sculptures?

I love the one by Olde Bryon Inn. I drove by there today and saw the one you mentioned. Sadly, I left my camera at home... next time! Here is the link I have found to be the most helpful, but it still can be off:

Aw, this was a really quality post.

Hi Danielle,

I think I saw some over in Schuylerville too (by Cantina and the bike shop)!

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