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Horsing Around: Part 3

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With the conclusion of summer rapidly approaching, my quest to find as many of the fiberglass horses for Horses, Saratoga Style is also coming to an end. Although some are not officially part of the exhibit, so far my good neighbor and I have found quite a few here in Saratoga Springs. On our third outing trying to locate the others, we manage to locate nine more. Here's what we found:

The first two were located at a private residency. The first one, Golden Ticket, is most likely a tribute to Willy Wonka, as the horse looks like a piece of chocolate wrapped in gold tin; if you ever see it in person, look at the ear for a "sweet" detail. The next one looks like yellow marble, but I couldn't find any information on it. Down the road, at The Olde Bryan Inn, we found the third one of the day. With different iconic images of Saratoga, this is another horse by Frankie Flores. Supposedly Snapshot, designed by Terri J. Garofalo was to be located here, but we did not see it. Continuing down the road, we easily found the fourth horse, Giddyup, a marvelous mosaic of glass and mirror pieces. Heading to the other side of downtown, the next one was Remembrance at The Inn at Saratoga. Perhaps this one had a history of being too loved by the locals because this was the only one we saw that had a surveillance sign. Continuing along Route 9, the next place we stop was Saratoga Honda to see History of Horses; this was one of my favorite horses of the day. Driving by, it simply looks like a brown and white horse, but up close there are hidden abstract images of horses throughout history. If you can ever make the time, this is one that has to be seen up close. The next one was a small drive to Longfellows to see Music in Motion. This whimsical horse had sheets of music all over it with its hair made from music instruments strings. The next one was an accidental find on the way back home. Although we weren't able to find any title information on this horse, we were able to see that this one was another Frankie Flores piece. The last horse discovered was on the way home and located on the polo field. Again, this was another Frankie Flores horse.

Although this has been a slow process, finding these horses have made for a fun adventure when there's a need to get out of the house. Of course there is still quite a few, nineteen I believe, but perhaps with some time and luck I'll find some more.

Golden Ticket
Artists: Sarah Sharpe & Amanda Newman
Location: Corner of Greenfield Ave & North Broadway
Sponsor: NBT Bank

horse 17-a.jpg

Artists: Unknown
Location: Corner of Greenfield Ave & Woodlawn Ave

horse 19-a.jpg

Saratoga Stripes
Artist: Frankie Flores
Location: Olde Bryan Inn, 123 Maple Avenue

horse 20-a.jpg

Artists: Dana Rudolph & Ronda Jeffer
Location: 92 East Avenue
Sponsors: Sonny & Julie Bonacio/Jim LaVigne & Mary Gavin

horse 21-a.jpg

Artist: Linda B. Buerkley
Location: The Inn at Saratoga, 231 Broadway
Sponsor: The Inn at Saratoga

horse 16-b.jpg

The History of Horses
Artist: Robert Ratigan, Jr.
Location: Saratoga Honda at 3402 Rte 9, Saratoga Springs, NY
Sponsor: Saratoga Harness Horsepersons Assoc.

horse 15-a.jpg

Music in Motion
Artist: Linda Beggars
Location: Longfellows at 500 Union Avenue
Sponsor: Longfellows Restaurant & Hotel

horse 18-a.jpg

Artist: Frankie Flores
Location: Saratoga Race Course, 267 Union Avenue

horse 14-a.jpg

Artist: Frankie Flores
Location: Polo Club, 2 Bloomfield Rd
Sponsor: Saratoga Polo Association

horse 13-a.JPG

Help a girl out- have you seen any across town that I haven't seen yet? Which one is your favorite so far?

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Sorry we've been so long in posting Danielle. We really loved the "Horsing Around" series. The pics were great and we actually saw a few we didn't see when we were "home" this year. We think Saratoga Stripes and Music In Motion are our favs.

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