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Bust A Move - Prom Dancing Tips

By: Jenna E. Caputo
Jenna Caputo is a dance instructor at the Saratoga Savoy Center of Dance and owner of Silverpen Productions, LLC.

Prom season is finally here. The clothes are set. Flowers ordered. Limo booked. Now what? What happens once you’re there? You’re not going to sit on the sidelines all night are you? No way!

Whether you actually know how to dance or not, don’t be afraid to get out there and have some fun! Here are a few quick tips to make sure you look great on the dance floor no matter what:

1. Shoes With Straps

This one is more for the ladies. Shoes that have a strap will not only stay on your foot and move with your foot better, but will also make it much less likely that you’ll trip.

2. Try The Dress

Be sure to practice moving around in the dress beforehand (including walking backwards). The dress should be hemmed high enough so you can’t step on it when moving around.

3. Get Out There

The most important rule? Just show up! Everyone admires someone with confidence, so get out on that dance floor and show the world how much fun you’re having!

4. Smile, No Matter What

If you smile and look like you’re having fun, even if your “moves” stink, everyone will think you’re doing what you meant to and no one will know if you messed up or not.

5. Walk Your Partner Out

If you ask someone to dance, don’t stride ahead of your partner out to the dance floor. Take a hand and walk out together.

6. Keep Your Knees Loose

If you lock your legs, you’ll look like Frankenstein. It’s not Halloween yet, so don’t forget to bend your knees!

7. Stay On The Balls Of Your Feet

Like keeping your knees loose, this will make sure you look relaxed while you are dancing, while also giving you extra stability. If you don’t put a lot of pressure back on those heels, you won’t have to worry about wobbling on them.

8. Keep Your Feet Under You

Use small steps, keeping your feet under your body. Large steps often make you look awkward and take up a lot of energy. It also makes it hard to keep up with fast music. It’s going to be a long, fun night – don’t use up all your energy in just one dance!

9. Say Thank You

It is customary in a social dance situation to thank your partner after a dance. Do it – it scores a lot of points and you’ll be sure to have a steady line of partners waiting to dance with you all night.


If your face shows your insecurity about how you look, then all focus will be on you whether you’re screwing up or not. If you look like you’re having fun, no one will pay attention to what your feet are doing (they’re more worried about their own). They’ll just remember that you were the life of the party!


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