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Start Planning Your Prom Ensemble Now!


It's that time of year and all you are thinking about is prom!
So, lets make sure the only thing you are thinking about on prom night is how much fun you’re having. To ensure a stress-free evening, start planning early and try not to leave anything to the last minute!

Check out the timeline below to accomplish prom perfection from head to toe!

What to Wear Timeline - How to Prepare for Your Prom Ensemble

5 Months Before Prom:

  • Begin looking in magazines and online for styles and colors.
  • Make sure to bookmark your favorite styles!
  • Think about your color scheme.
  • Focus on dresses that suit your body type.
  • Look into shoes that are both stylish and comfortable.

4 Months Before Prom:

  • Look over your saved favorite dresses.
  • Decide on a color scheme.
  • Continue to think about your shoes.
  • Begin thinking about your accessories.

3 Months Before Prom:

  • Time to go shopping!
  • Go to local dress shops, department stores, second hand shops.
  • If you have no luck, consider ordering online.
  • Make sure to try on your dress! Your favorite style in the magazine might not be that perfect fit and that color might not work for your skin type.
  • If you have found that perfect dress that makes you feel beautiful and confident, buy it!

2 Months Before Prom:

  • If your dress is too big or too long, you may want to get alterations. Most dress stores offer it when you purchase.
  • If not, bring your dress to a local tailor.
  • Make sure to break in your new shoes!

1 Month Before Prom:

  • Try on your dress again and make sure everything is perfect for your special night.
  • Try on your full ensemble including accessories, shoes, and even try to mimick your hairstyle for the night.
  • Looking for a nice glow the day of? Consider self tanning!
  • Ensure that your shoes are fully broken in so they'll be ready for a night of dancing!

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Remember to be safe and have fun on prom night!