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Great news for racing fans - you can reserve a picnic table for Travers Day.

Entries for the Travers Day Reserved Picnic Table sweepstakes at Saratoga Race Course have closed for the 2014 year.

This year, you will again be able to have the chance to reserve your picnic table in the backyard of Saratoga Race Course for Travers Day - Saturday, August 23, 2014.

Having the chance to get your "Travers Table" is easy! Just sign-up online for your reserved table on Travers Day. However, only 50 registrants will be randomly selected from all entries, for one table each.

When you are selected, you have the option to purchase the picnic table or not. The tables are located in a reserved premium section adjacent to the Paddock and Big Red Spring.

Reserved tables will cost $100, with all funds being donated to equine charities. Tables are limited to a maximum of six people.

Please check back for information on how and when to enter.

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