Eat Your Heart Out

I thought it was a little strange I couldn't find any bad reviews out there for Mio Posto and after dining there, I know why. I find it hard to believe they could do any wrong based on my experience there and you're about to find out why.

Hate to say I'm right, but... looks like I was correct about Food Trucks coming to town! In the past two months, I've learned of three new food trucks coming to the area, including one which I featured in a previous entry (Spa City Dogs). The others include Eat Good Food and Fitzy's Fork in the Road.

I visited 51 Front Street recently to check out the new menu and learn more about the new business. Previously owned and operated by different owners, 51 Front Street has been taken over by Chef Joe Marosek and his wife Elena Marosek. Combined, these two have over 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry, and that certainly shows through the changes that have been made to this business.

What's my favorite thing about my birthday every year? Believe it or not, it's not the presents or the birthday wishes but rather it's the fact that every year my family comes together and puts aside their busy lives to spend dinner with me at the restaurant of my choice. 
Because I love my foodie fans so much, I have a special deal for you guys. If you LOVEEE or even just like Cake Boss on TLC, this definitely should interest you.
The recent opening of The Living Room on Caroline Street has gotten a lot of people talking. Whether it's their unique layout, different menu options or friendly staff I'm not sure, but whatever they're doing, they're doing it right.
Spa City Hotdogs outside of Putnam Den this summer? You better believe it!
Mother's Day brunch. Everyone does it, whether it's a home cooked meal for mom or a fancy schmansy buffet at $30 - $40 a pop. Either way, this is pretty much expected on the day we celebrate the woman in our lives who brought us to... life. Well this Mother's Day, my siblings and I skipped the cooking and brought our wonderful mom to 50 South.
Going into it, I wasn't exactly sure what the Taste of Home Cooking School would entail. I wondered, would it be a demonstration or a class? Intimate or a larger crowd. In it's second year, I was excited that I had the opportunity to see for myself.
As you saw last week, I posted about the Chef Challenge event to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region. It was held at the Hampton Inn and Suites, across the street from the Parting Glass this past Thursday evening. Well now that the event is over, I wanted to write a follow up and discuss the challenge. There's SO much I want to mention, so bare with me if this entry is a little longer than you're used to!

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Ashley Dingeman

My name is Ashley Dingeman and I am in love with food. A recent SUNY Geneseo graduate and Saratoga Springs native, it has always been a dream of mine to have the opportunity to do the two things I do best: eat & write. Just like in a Disney movie, I guess dreams really do come true.

First off, can I just say that my passion for food goes way beyond simply loving to eat. For some, eating is eating and food is food, but to me, it’s so much more. Every element of the food experience, I love.

Perhaps the profound effects of growing up in an Italian family have rubbed off on me. If there was one thing I learned in the process, it was that food brings people together, and where there’s food, there’s family. No, I didn’t grow up in The Olive Garden, but I did grow up privileged to have an incredible Grandmother, and the best cook I’ve ever known. To this day no one will ever be able to replicate her Sunday “gravy”, even though all grandchildren have come close (and some closer than others [me]). It was she who inspired me to begin cooking in the first place, and it is in her honor that I continue on in hopes of inspiring others the same way.

So I invite you now to revel in my words, devour my descriptions, fantasize over my photographs, and maybe just maybe, you’ll be move enough to go out and try something for yourself. Project “Eat Your Heart Out” starts now.