Eat Your Heart Out

Hattie's Chicken Shack

Have you ever eaten something so good that afterwords you can't speak, can't move, but you simply just sit there and stare into space? Some may call it food coma, I call it Hattie's chicken shack.
Quite the entrance into this blog, eh? Well I can't sit back and write just anything about such a marvelous sandwich. A side project for Hattie's Restaurant, the chicken shack opened in 2011 and since has stolen my heart. Although I try to space out my visits in hopes of keeping my physique in check, I know that each time I go it will consistently be the best fried chicken I've ever ever ever had, hands down.

Take a look at that beauty. I legit want another one right now just looking at this picture. Hattie's chicken is SO juicy, SO crispy and SO perfectly seasoned that if eating this everyday wasn't detrimental to my health, I sooooo would. This sandwich which is topped with tangy coleslaw is the bee's knees, and trust me, I don't use that saying often. If you want a quick, awesome and inexpensive meal, please go to Hattie's chicken shack. Once you try it, you'll never look back.

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Ashley Dingeman

My name is Ashley Dingeman and I am in love with food. A recent SUNY Geneseo graduate and Saratoga Springs native, it has always been a dream of mine to have the opportunity to do the two things I do best: eat & write. Just like in a Disney movie, I guess dreams really do come true.

First off, can I just say that my passion for food goes way beyond simply loving to eat. For some, eating is eating and food is food, but to me, it’s so much more. Every element of the food experience, I love.

Perhaps the profound effects of growing up in an Italian family have rubbed off on me. If there was one thing I learned in the process, it was that food brings people together, and where there’s food, there’s family. No, I didn’t grow up in The Olive Garden, but I did grow up privileged to have an incredible Grandmother, and the best cook I’ve ever known. To this day no one will ever be able to replicate her Sunday “gravy”, even though all grandchildren have come close (and some closer than others [me]). It was she who inspired me to begin cooking in the first place, and it is in her honor that I continue on in hopes of inspiring others the same way.

So I invite you now to revel in my words, devour my descriptions, fantasize over my photographs, and maybe just maybe, you’ll be move enough to go out and try something for yourself. Project “Eat Your Heart Out” starts now.