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Lynn DeRose from Gloversville, NY wrote on Monday, July 30, 2012 at 9:49 AM
My sister was married on July 27, 2012. We had a contract with the Queensbury Hotel for a block of rooms for the wedding party and out of town guests. The contract stated the bridal party could arrive between Noon and 2, wedding was at 6. At 3:30 we arrived and our rooms were not ready! At 4:15 our rooms were not ready! Pictures were at 5 and we told them this!! At 4:30, MY room was ready. My husband was in the bathroom, I was in the room and another bridesmaid was in my closet all trying to get changed into our wedding clothes at the same time. My room had No iron I had to borrow one from next door. The maid of Honor had No room until after the ceremony and reception at midnight!!! The bridal party was 30 minutes late to the pictures because of the Queensbury! We received no apology and no compensation for this breach of contract. They did not even seem to understand why we were upset and the level of stress it put the bridal party under! 2 traveling guests missed the wedding ceremony, one dressed in the lobby bathroom and the other dressed in the parking lot! They did not get rooms until midnight either! This experience at the Queensbury was horrible. The bride needed a toothbrush the next morning, having forgot hers. She asked at the front desk, no toothbrushes. She asked for coffee, no coffee. She had to go out shopping at 6:30 in the morning!! Just an FYI… the wedding, at Rainer’s Gourmet, Not the Queensbury, was fantastic!!!!!!!!!
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