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Nothing much is as beautiful as the head of a Thoroughbred!














Or any other horse!




Although I love the track in the mornings best, I know that the overwhelming majority of track goers are there for the races. Whether for the social scene or to bet on the "ponies", not much compares to watching these equine athletes and their amazing jockeys riding hell bent for leather down the track. The cheering of the crowds, brightly colored coats and silks and the sound of the horses thundering past is mesmerizing.

For a mere $3.00 entry fee, nothing beats the entertainment value of a day at the Saratoga Race Track!

So get a spot in the rail....It is nearly Post Time!


IMG_4514aa.jpgIMG_4355aa.jpgIMG_4254aa.jpgIMG_4524aa.jpgIMG_4365aa.jpgCan you feel the excitement building?



 And They're Off !




As some pull away from the pack and race down to the wire to come in First!







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I recently attended the 2011 Saratoga Food Tour with my wife. Our guide was Joe Haedrich. He and his family were excellent tour guides and gave us some interesting facts about Saratoga. Below are some photos taken during the walk with some descriptions.

We started at the Farmer's Market at High Rock.
So Lively Tapenade in the Farmer's Market.

The olive tapenade was incredible.

The Argyle Cheese man. I hope he is on the cheese tour! He makes the best yogurt!

Another view of his stand. Make sure you stop by on Saturday. And listen to Running the River. Good tunes!

Anna Mae's stand. She has been there since the market began. She rings the bell each day to signal the close of the market. The tomatoes were beautiful.

And there were lots of them.

And the jam! Oh the jam!

Sweet Spring Farm. This is the goat cheese stand. So creamy and tasty!

Herb encrusted and plain. Don't take my word for it, stop by and try some. Samples are free!

After a delicious snack at the Old Bryan Inn, and a history lesson, we went downtown and stopped into the Saratoga Olive Oil store. This place is amazing! There were dozens of different kinds and flavors from all over the world. Leave yourself some time, because once you are in here, you are not going to want to leave!

They don't just sell olive oil, they sell cruets, soaps, and lotion made from olive oil as well. You are invited to smell and taste each oil. Be sure to say hello to the owners. They will be delighted to give you a tour and tell you all about each of their products. Truly a one of a kind place.

This is the front of the store. It's easy to find, on the same side of the street as Lillians, and near Uncommon Grounds.

Next stop was the Saratoga Salsa company. Another downtown stalwart, they have an amazing array of spices and sauces from mild to nuclear. We tried their custom Bloody Mary mix (sans vodka darn it!). It would be a perfect wake up drink. Spicy but not over the top. They also sell spice mixes and marinades.

We ended our tour at the south end of Broadway at the Adelphi. This majestic grande dame has graced Saratoga for over 100 years.

And this is the end of our tour, Betty's Cakes. The most fantastic cup cakes in the world.

Says it all, no?

A close up of the red velvet cupcake. Oh. My. God!!!

Well that was the tour this year. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! See you next year!

I am rather sure that this is a theme I will be revisiting a great many times on this blog. Enjoy my vision of the Horses of Saratoga.
I know that for most the excitement of the track happens in the afternoons at racetime. But I have to be honest, for me it is in the early mornings.

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