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The Sights and Sounds of a Saratoga Racetrack Morning!

I know that for most the excitement of the track happens in the afternoons at racetime. But I have to be honest, for me it is in the early mornings.

I love the gentle early morning light and the sights and sounds of the morning workouts at 7am. Ok, I try to get there at 7am, but usually make it by 8. Not only do you get to see the powerhouse horses working or breezing, but you get to watch the young ones just learning how to be racehorses. And that sound....the one you can't hear here or when the crowd is screaming during the is the sound of the breathing of a working horse, the three beat pounding of his hooves as he goes racing past you. Nothing, I mean nothing, beats that. Then surround yourself with other horse lovers. Friends and strangers in small numbers, all there appreciating the same thing in their own quiet way. Yes, I love the track in the morning!



























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As reminded by a friend....I might try to get there by 7, but they have already been going to 2 hours by that time! - Juliet


I agree, there is nothing better than the feel of the thundering hooves as the horse races by. I love to watch them work out more than actually watching them race. It seems so much more personal that way! Have you ever been in the back stretch to shoot? If not, by son is a peace officer at the track and might be able to get you in if you like.

Hi Mark! So far my getting into the backstretch has been dependant on the other people I travel with to the track. The shots on this post were taken on the backstretch opening weekend. I tried to get a media pass, but was not able to so far. I did a book from shots that I
shot last year during a more extensive time on the backstretch. My next post will be about the book and several book signings that I have with the Museum of Racing next week. But I would love to have another contact persons name for getting into the backstretch when I come up. It has been pretty hit-or-miss for me. Thank you for the offer. I will be back up again this Thursday and Friday, although not in the mornings. - Juliet

Great eye you have LOVE the last photoi n this grouping.

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