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IMG_4939.jpgAs I mentioned in a previous post, the horses at the track are not the only ones to admire in Saratoga Springs. Just walk either way on Broadway and you can't help but notice the wonderful depictions of horses that you steel, bronze, fiberglass.....hitching posts, carousel horses and more.....














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I know that race season is over in Saratoga. And most are looking forward to the changing of the leaves and not back to the activities at the track. But with the Breeder's Cup fast approaching, I hope you will bear with me a bit longer while I indulge myself in a few more posts dedicated to my time at the track this summer. After that we can more on.....maybe!

The Paddock in Saratoge can feel like a magical place. Some, like myself, will spend a large part of our day moving between the paddock and the track for each and every race, so we get to see the horses as they are being readied to run. For me it is as important to the racing scene as the race itself. And let's face it...I can get even closer to the horses there which is the biggest excitement for me........



And a favorite sight for me inthe paddock, icon of the Saratoga Race Track, my colleague and track photographer extraordinaire, Barbara Livingston.



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Saratoga Cheese Tour

I took the cheese tour yesterday. Here are some shots I took along the way.

Argyle Cheese Farmer "The Cheese Man" (F12; 1/105s; 13.3mm)

The view from the Cheese Man's Place (F8.0; 1/170s; 4.3mm)

Panorama on the way to West Pawlet Vermont (F8.0; 1/160s; 4.3mm)

These folks had some amazing cheese. Goats milk. (F3.6; 1/160s; 5.8mm)

OK it has nothing to do with cheese, but it's still cool! (F3.6; 1/60s; 5.8mm)

(F5.2; 1/60s; 18.8mm)

(F5.1; 1/60s; 17.5mm)

(F5.6; 1/80s; 23.1mm)

(F4.8; 1/125s; 33.6mm)

(F5.6; 1/90s; 23.1mm)

(F8.0; 1/70s; 4.3mm)

(F4.1; 1/120s; 8.4mm)

(F8.0; 1/180s; 4.3mm)

(F3.1; 1/42s; 4.3mm)

(F3.1; 1/30s; 4.3mm)

One of my favorite cult films is "Being John Malkovich". It is an odd take on that age old question of what it would be like if we could actually be in someone else's head. To be able to lliterally see through their eyes. In the case of the movie it was the eyes of the actor, John Malkovich. We may not truly be able to be in another's head, but I think I can give you a glimpse of Being Juliet Harrison and of seeing through my eyes as captured by my camera.

This is what happens when I am lucky enough to be able to photograph something like Jan Wood's sculpture, affectionately known as, GiddyUp Putnam.


IMG_4571a.jpgIMG_4573a.jpgIMG_4565a.jpgIMG_4570aa.jpgIMG_4569a.jpgIMG_4574a.jpgIMG_4576a.jpgIMG_4578a.jpgIMG_4568a.jpgIMG_4579a.jpgIMG_4581a.jpgIMG_4582a.jpgGlad I can share my vision with you!


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Racing season ends with this Labor Day weekend. But I have to admit that I have several more posts that center around the track, that I will be creating. After all, I am an equine photographer and it is what I come to Saratoga for. So bear with me on this.

Without the Jockeys....there would be no Horse Racing!


( Jesus Castanon)



(John Velazquez and Ramon Dominguez)



(Ramon Dominguez)



(Shaun Bridgmohan)



(John Velazquez, Mike Repole and Todd Pletcher)


IMG_3458aaa.jpgIMG_3457aaa.jpgSometimes you can see the quiet intensity with which they must ride. A focus on the task at hand that belies all the brash bravado we have come to expect from jockeys.



 (Eddie Castro)


Being a primarily B&W photographer, shooting at the track was a huge challenge for me. I spent the first several yearly trips trying to figure out what I could shoot that both represented my kind of photographic vision and spoke to me of something intrinsic of the track. What I started to photograph were the jockey's hands as they got "tied on" coming out of the paddock. These hands are all that connect the jockey to the horse. Unlike most all other disciplines of riding, there is so very little leg and seat that they use to speak to the horse. It must mostly all be communicated through their hands.






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