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As a new contributor to the Saratoga Snapshots Blog  I thought I should introduce myself.

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that's me on the left and mr. peabody on the right

I've been an architectural photographer for 25 or so years, making a living photographing houses all over the county. If you'd like to see some of that work it's at I've also had much of my work featured in national magazines, books, and in local galleries.

26. River Ext.jpg

our renovated farmhouse

I live on a small farm, in a 220 year old Farmhouse on the Hudson River (we just finished the renovation), just outside Saratoga Springs, with my lovely wife Lu, and our 2 horses, Mr. Peabody & Leroy, and Jerry the Goat.  

Here are the official portraits of all of us. Yup, OFFICIAL!  More about "official portraits" somewhere down the road.

Post 1. Official Portraits 07 .jpg

 me and lu (this our official wedding portrait-25 yrs ago)

 Post 1. Official Portraits 03 .jpg

mr. peabody

Post 1. Official Portraits 05 .jpg

leroy & jerry the goat
"where's mr. peabody?"

I'll be sharing with you, on a regular basis, some of my photographs, and thoughts, and might even throw in a photo lesson every now and then.

Mr. P and I will be scouring the land, making some interesting photos to share with you.

Post 1. Official Portraits 04_-2.jpg

 my little slice of the hudson river

Let me know if you have anything specific you'd like to see, and feel free to comment (good or bad!).

See you next week!


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Hey Mark! Good luck with your new blog. You know I love your pictures...and Mr. Peabody!

What do I want to see pics of???? Hmmmmm....let me see....not sure....oh I don't know. How about SOME PUPPIES! Hahaha!

Mark, your work is awesome. I love how you take photos of something simple, like a dusty old saddle, and it turns into a beautiful piece of art.Your equine photos really show the passion you have for these incredible animals. Lets not forget the lovely sunsets and landscape photos. Simply AWESOME.

Thanks Cheryl. Puppies??? I think I can do puppies. I'll make that a priority!

Thanks for the compliments Diana.

Those are really nice words and I hope to live up to them here! Only time will tell.


Can't wait to see more. You're an amazing photographer! Love what you and Lu do!

Thanks Kate. Stay tuned, I'm sure there will be some good shots of some great Saratoga Farms!

So good to have you here!

Hey Mark,

Have loved your pics for over a year now and can't wait to see what your snapshots will bring!

Good luck : )

P.S. Love your wedding shot pic!

Thanks for inviting me Juliet. Hope to keep it interesting! Mark

Thanks Fiona. Glad you checked in here. Fall swill be here next week. shhh don't tell anyone! Mark


These are wonderful Mark! I love your official wedding portrait! :-)

Hi Melaina, Thanks for the compliment. This is Mark Samu a new blogger here on Saratoga Snapshots!

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