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New Bridge to Vermont

A few years ago the bridge between New York and Vermont was closed, then a few months later they blew it up and started to build anew.  The shutting down of the bridge also shut down a large part of the economy in that area.  People had to take a ferry to get back and forth at the Crown Point site.  

Well as everyone saw on the local news channels the bridge is now reopened.  I decided to take a day trip to see the bridge and cross over to Vermont for a beautiful day of photos, good food and good conversation (no, I didn't go by myself).

This view is from the southern side, along the Champlain shore in the Crown Point State campsite.

A little closer view to show off the beautiful design, that mimics the original rather nicely while still appearing modern.

As you cross over from New York to Vermont you will see this breathtaking view.  A lot of people were walking on the bridge during the unseasonably warm Saturday afternoon.

If you look up right as you cross into Vermont you will see the strong cables and cross bars of the arch.  

It really was a great day and a fun trip.  It's only an hour and a half away and on your way back home through Vermont there are plenty of great restaurants and places to shop.  Much like our lovely region.

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You beat me to it!! Nice work, though. That is a hard shoot.

Thanks Mark. It was a beautiful day and definitely worth the trip anyway. I'd love to see what you capture.

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