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Sunrise over Round Lake

Ask a photographer their favorite time to shoot and 95% will either say sunrise or sunset.  Last week I decided to spend the early morning at Round Lake on Route 9 just south of Malta.  I got there before the sun peaked its head and left over an hour later with the sun well over the horizon. 

Below is one of the first shots of the day.  The sky is what I call cotton candy, or sky blue pink.  The mist is just over the lake and you can still see the frost on the grass in the foreground.  

Around a hundred or more photos later (seriously) the sun decided to pop up over the horizon.   

Sometimes the sun looks like a large fiery orb in the sky.  Oh wait... 

Some geese decided to ruin my shots of the sun and swam in front of me.  I named the one in the lead "Stay Thirsty".  

Since I could tell the geese had no intentions of leaving, I asked them politely to pose for me. The one in the back stuck his neck up high to make sure he got into the shot.  

At this point, the sun was up and the sky was getting blue.  I had to get to work and my hands were numb so this last image is very similar to the first image... in content.  Notice the color changes that occur in an hour?  That is why morning photography is so fun.  If the light isn't quite right, wait a little while and it may be just what you are looking for.

Thank you very much for enduring my first "photo blog" for  If you'd like to see more from this shoot, let me know via the comments on this page.  I hope that you enjoyed looking at the photos as much as I did taking them.  
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These pictures are beautiful, love the sunset with the ducks swimming by.


Excellent shots as usual! That is always a great spot to shoot!


Thanks Gina!! I hope they do too!!! LOL

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