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On Sunday, April 29th I attended "Greek Day" at the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga.


Traditional greek dances, dance lessons, traditional costumes, and Greek food were featured at this festive performance.


The dancers also got the audience to participate in the dancing, it certainly seemed like everyone was having a great time.


My wife and I just got  back from Stockbridge, Massachussetts. We went for my birthday, and specifically to see the Norman Rockwell Museum. I had not been to Stockbridge since the mid-70s when I visited with my grandmother. At that time, the Rockwell Museum was located downtown, and Rockwell himself was still alive. Soon after, of course, he passed away, and later on a new museum was built some ways out of town. I have to say that the current museum gives away some of the intimacy of the old one. I was a little disappointed that more of his work was not on display as well. I remembered seeing a lot more of his work in the downtown museum. But I may not be remembering correctly. The main thing is that I got to go!

You are allowed to take pictures inside the museum as long as you don't use flashes. So be sure to open up your lens, and use the highest ISO you can stand. In some cases you might have to use a tripod. I didn't test that while there, and I am not sure how well it would be received by the guards, who watch everyone like hawks. Might be best to call ahead and see. I had my backpack full of equipment with me, and had to leave it in a locker that they provided for the purpose. All I could take was the camera. So, decide what camera you want to use and work within it's limitations. But most of all, just sit and gaze in wonder at Rockwell's talent. His art is truly ageless. A lot of critics then and now dismiss him, calling him a mere illustrator, but Rockwell had the last laugh. He has an entire museum dedicated to his work, and millions come to see it every year. Few other artists can make that claim. 

Stockbridge 002.jpg
One of three walls of Saturday Evening Post covers
Stockbridge 006.jpg
In the late 80's Rockwell's studio was moved from his property to the museum grounds. Everything in the studio is just as he left it. It's as if he just stepped out for a moment...
Stockbridge 016.jpg
Here are a few of my favorite works (photos courtesy Norman Rockwell Museum):

Before the Shot (a Saturday Evening Post cover)
Stockbridge 007.jpg
Freedom from Want
Stockbridge 009.jpg
Freedom of Speech
Stockbridge 010.jpg
And here are some pictures from downtown Stockbridge:

Yep-THAT Alice's Restaurant!
Stockbridge 030.jpg
The Red Lion Inn. Come for lunch or dinner!
Stockbridge 039.jpgRelax on the front porch and enjoy a cocktail...

Stockbridge 040.jpg

Here are some pictures of the thunderstorm that swept through this afternoon. It didn't actually do anything but rumble, but it made some dramatic noise and had some nice clouds. I tried for some lightning shots, but the lightning did not cooperate!

Storm Clouds 003_tonemapped.jpg

It's a little early in the year for Yaddo. Some of the statues are still covered, the volunteers are just starting to clean up the garden beds from the wreckage of winter. But if you know where to look, there are still opportunities for some photography.




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