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When I moved to Saratoga Springs ten years ago, riding a horse probably wouldn't have cracked the top 20 items on my bucket list (if I actually had such a thing).

fancy 3 small.jpg
a little trail ride at win$um ranch

Now 10 years later, not only do I own 2 horses and ride them every day, but most of my friends are also "horse people". I have come to know them as "The New Cowboys". These Cowboys are regular people, with regular jobs, who ride, rope, chase cows and anything else horse related, whenever they can. 

5.15.10 Horse Show Grain 10 small.jpg
george peters-horseman extraordinaire-retired school teacher, owner win$um ranch

line gal.jpg
george 1-2.jpg
alex morency-high school student

burt schwab-owner-union coachworks, auto repair/saratoga springs

5.15.10 Horse Show 28.jpg
carol moon-retired Director of Greenwich Chamber of Commerce

pea side 1 small.jpg
carissa brunelle-college student

three ride (1 of 1)-2.jpg
3 moms at cattle drive time

mark & P mcwayne.jpg
and that's me-architectural photographer- and mr. peabody

You'll be meeting many more "New Cowboys" in future posts. I'd really appreciate it if you can leave a comment below!

Thanks for looking.

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