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The Great Escape--It was for them!


I'm sure almost everyone knows that the Great Escape is located in Lake George, and I'm sure that most everyone knows that the Great Escape is part of Six Flags.  And I'm sure most everyone knows that the Great Escape is lots of fun for all ages.  But did you know that the Great Escape takes season passes for all Six Flags parks which includes parking?  Or did you know that there is a town just for kids to play in?  Or did you know that although small the Great Escape is easy to navigate, it's still full of fun rides?

great escape entrance.jpg

Since my niece Laura (yes I'm still writing about them for at least a couple more blogs--hey they were here 2 weeks) and her family have season passes to Six Flags she decided to check out the Great Escape.  She was pleasantly surprised.

There weren't many long lines and there was a good ride selection.

view of great escape.jpg

And Garret really enjoyed the kid's town, even though he doesn't really look like it in the picture.

kids' town.jpg

kids' town2.jpg

My daughter was brave enough to ride the Buccaneer, wouldn't have believed if I didn't have the proof.

that's Josie!.jpg

All in all they had lots of fun.  The Great Escape

might not be as big as Six Flags near St Louis but I think they liked it just as much. 

looks like they had fun.jpg

So if you are looking for a great way to spend one of the cool summer afternoons we've had recently then check out the Great Escape and maybe you will agree it's a hidden gem!


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I hope you'll write sth more about it sooooon. Thx a lot!

LMFAO I’m so glad my friend told me about this *subscribes!!*

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