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The Saratoga Traveler is back. I hope my previous readers will find me.

This time the blog will have a little different focus. It seems silly to say why a travel blog is a travel blog but I'm going to anyway. Many people are like me. They love to travel, they love to explore new places. Some are adventurous, others... not so much. I like to discover places that might not be well known or might be well known but have been forgotten about in the course of our busy lives. That's what this blog is about: finding or rediscovering places in the Saratoga Springs area and the Northeast. Places that maybe you went to as a kid but haven't been back to. Places that you've always meant to see but just haven't been able to fit into your busy schedule, or places that you've been curious about and just never got around to seeing.

The Saratoga Traveler isn't just about things in Saratoga. I'll explore and write about places in the Northeast that maybe you've heard of and maybe you haven't. Being from the Midwest where its a day's drive to just about anywhere I was so surprised that I could travel to some of the greatest points in American history or to places that I saw on a TV show and see them for myself in a day trip or weekend.

I might review a local business, restaurant or store. I might review a business, restaurant or store that I come across while traveling. I might travel outside the Northeast and even outside the United States.

This blog will be fresh and new. This blog will be interesting and informative. This blog will be FULL of photos. And hopefully this blog will be one that you come back to again and again. I'm always looking for new places to explore, so share your favorites. Make a comment too. The more I hear from you the better the blog will be.
So let's go on this ride together and feed our travel bug.

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Kim Bernard

Moved to Saratoga from St Louis MO (home of The Gateway Arch, Baseball Cardinals and of course Anheuser-Busch) with my family for my husband's job. In the last 2 1/2 years we've had the opportunity to explore and discover day trips, hidden gems, along with some of the most beautiful, historic, interesting and curious places in New England. So come with me and look through a Midwesterner's eyes at Saratoga and beyond. I hope you enjoy your adventures and feel free to share yours and together we can feed our travel bug!