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Some of you may or may not know that my husband Mark also has a blog on called Saratoga Snapshots. We went together to the Washington County Cheese Tour this past September and he took lots and lots of amazing photos. I thought I'd share some of them here.


I particularly liked this one because this father and son reminded me of when our son was younger.

The goats at Consider Bardwell Farm in VT.

Nothing more beautiful than wheels of fresh, local cheese.

Argyle Cheese Farmer- Free samples of delicious cheese and yogurt

Behind the scenes at Argyle Cheese Farmer.  

Argyle Cheese Farmer's welcome sign-- clever, clever.

There was plenty of beautiful scenery between Saratoga and Washington County.

More gorgeous, delicious cheese.  It was a cheese tour, after all.

All the cheese samples were so delicious it was hard to chose which ones to buy.  The last farm we stopped at was 3 Corner Field in Shushan.  There we chose the smoked cheese, which is smoked by monks.
It was the first time we had been on the cheese tour, which runs every September.  It was a beautiful day to take a long drive, from farm to farm.  Talk to the cheese makers and try and buy the cheeses, yogurt and other products.
My one recommendation: stop at the AT first to be sure you have plenty of cash with you.  After you sample, you'll HAVE to take some home with you.
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