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First Blog Post of the New Year- Full of Promise and Hope


Everyone has the best intentions for the New Year. They make all kinds of resolutions that most of the time fall by the wayside.

I feel like this new year is full of promise, full of hope. It's a blank slate. A chance to start new, to start fresh. Wipe away the old mistakes and learn from them. Take a chance and do something bold, live out a dream or just make some positive changes.

If you don't live up to your resolutions, don't give up. Every day is a new chance to start fresh. So whether you've made resolutions, or just made plans for the new year I wish you the best!
Here's to a healthy, safe and Happy New Year!

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Kim Bernard

Moved to Saratoga from St Louis MO (home of The Gateway Arch, Baseball Cardinals and of course Anheuser-Busch) with my family for my husband's job. In the last 2 1/2 years we've had the opportunity to explore and discover day trips, hidden gems, along with some of the most beautiful, historic, interesting and curious places in New England. So come with me and look through a Midwesterner's eyes at Saratoga and beyond. I hope you enjoy your adventures and feel free to share yours and together we can feed our travel bug!