The Saratoga Summer Guide


There is nothing quite like a Saratoga Summer. Days can be spent doing anything from sampling the famous mineral springs, to beating the heat in the shade of Yaddo's gardens; you can get up early for breakfast at the track, or sleep in after a fun-filled night spent at the bars; of course, there is always the gorgeous downtown Saratoga Springs, and the famous Saratoga Race Course

Overwhelmed with choices? You don't have to be! The editors at have compiled this guide, so you have everything you need to know about having the best summer of your life in Saratoga Springs. Enjoy!

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  • Saratoga Race Course

    race course See exciting thoroughbred horse racing at the Saratoga Race Course! Each summer, the Saratoga racing season lasts from late July through Labor Day with the Travers Stakes being the most popular race of the season.

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  • Hot Spots and Parks

    hotspotCheck out the most popular spots to visit in Saratoga Springs! The area is packed with destinations that can give you anything from a history filled day, to an exciting night out. Learn all about the places locals and visitors can't get enough of.

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  • Summer Camps

    campsDoes your child need something to do this summer? Look no further, there are a ton of great summer camps in the Saratoga area. Whether you are looking for a classic arts and crafts option or an advanced horse riding program, summer in Saratoga offers it all!

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  • Saratoga Pools

    poolsRefresh yourself from the heat of summer in a Saratoga pool. Saratoga is home to many lovely public pools, including the first heated public pool in the United States. Grab your swimsuit and towel and take a dip!

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  • Carousel

    carouselNestled inside the beautiful Congress Park, the historic Carousel is a must-visit for the young, and the young at heart. Go for a ride and see why the Carousel that was so popular at the turn of the century is still loved today.

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  • Family Fun

    family-funSaratoga is an amazing family vacation destination! has put together an itinerary that details how to create a vacation that any child (and parent!) will love, so pack some bags, buckle the kids seat belts and head to Saratoga today!

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  • Picnic Spots

    family-funWhether you're looking for a romantic afternoon or a casual family outing, Saratoga has many gorgeous picnic areas for you to choose from!

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  • Saratoga Summer Events

    summer-eventsSee all the hottest events that are happening this summer. From special races at the track, to Beer festivals, to outdoor concerts, to kid-friendly shows, summer in Saratoga has it all.

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  • Music in Congress Park

    summer-eventsCheck out FREE concerts in Congress Park during the months of July and August! The perfect summer event for the whole family to enjoy, and it's free!

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  • Saratoga Lake

    saratoga-lake Any lake-lover will be glad to visit the gorgeous Saratoga Lake. Its the perfect setting for any summer activity: fishing, boating, waterskiing and more. Visit one of the many local marinas or the public boat launch at the northern end of the lake.

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  • Mineral Springs

    mineral-springs Saratoga's famous Mineral Springs are a quintessential destination for anyone in Saratoga over the summer. No two springs taste exactly the same; the ambitious might visit all 17 public minteral springs, while others might sample only a few of the naturally carbonated waters. Don't forget to bring cups or a bottle to take some of the famous healing waters home!

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  • Drive - Ins

    drive-insIs there a more classic way to spend a summer night than to catch a movie at the drive-in? Enjoy a double feature of the latest movies. Don't forget the Saratoga Chips to munch on!

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  • Farmer's Market

    farmers-marketOrganic food lovers rejoice! The Saratoga Farmers Market is open every Wednesday and Saturday under the gorgeous open air pavillions on High Rock Ave. You can buy local nonfood items, hear some amazing live music by local muscians, and of course sample the finest of local produce.

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  • Historic Park

    historic parkExperience history as it comes alive at this national park. Discover Saratoga National Historic Park where the Battle of Saratoga was fought and won. The park features intriguing artifacts and engaging activities from the battle that was the turning point of the American Revolution.

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  • 4th of July Fireworks

    fireworksEveryone's favorite summer holiday wouldn't be complete without a fireworks show to light up the night sky! The City of Saratoga always puts on a spectacular show, and there are many other amazing fireworks displays in the area on the Fourth and the days leading up to it.

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  • Saratoga on a Budget

    on-a-budgetLow on cash? No worries! Just because Saratoga can cater to the posh crowd, doesn't mean the budget friendly can't have a good time! has prepared a guide to everything fun to do in Saratoga that is free or close to it.

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  • Saratoga Galas

    on-a-budgetFind an amazing fundraising event hosted in the Saratoga Region this summer to attend, then read up on our gala going tips and advice, like what to wear and when it's okay to leave.

    Saratoga Galas Guide & Gala Events »

  • Saratoga Car Shows

    saratoga car showThere are so many car shows in the Saratoga Region all summer long! Search through upcoming events and even get tips and tricks to make the most of the shows you choose!

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