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Composting is really catching on!  People who would normally think it crazy to collect food scraps are happily composting their leftovers.  Part of the reason is composting has become a lot easier with the development of new composting systems that can accommodate any situation.  You can find compost tumblers, pyrimids, bins, You can compost with worms inside or go really high tech with an electric composter that will compost all your food scraps- 5 pounds a day in 2 weeks or go really low tech and pile it behind the shed or in the woods.

Why is composting so important?  After doing  a little research, I discovered that on average, every person throws away 1.3 pounds of food waste each day!  That accounts for 11% of all garbage in a landfill.  The sad part of this situation is that food waste can create the most amazing soil admendment, rich with micro organisms, humus, and organic matter that can hold moisture.  If you are a gardener, its black gold.  So if you don't garden, still compost and give it to a gardener friend.  Who knows maybe come August they'll give you more of those covetted tomatoes.

A great resource is

What's working for you?  Do you have a favorite composting method? 



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