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Don't Forget to be Green on Vacation

I would like to say I lead by example, however, I have confession to make about my recent vacation to the Delaware shore.  I was busy preparing coverage for the store, wrapping up loose ends, so when it was time to pack for our vacation I forgot several items that would have made our trip more green.  The first thing I discovered was on the drive, I had forgot our coffee mugs for the car so on the Thruway we either had to buy another travel mug that we really didn't need or use a disposable cup.  Next, the reusable grocery bags that are usually in the car were reduced to only 2 when we could have used 4 because we did all of our grocery shopping there.  A tiffin and reusable bamboo utensils could have saved some of the plastic utensils and Styrofoam containers used while eating out or getting Italian ices on the beach.

Fortunately, we were able to do some things right, the recycle center wasn't too far from from our rental so that we recycled the same as we always do.  We turned off the a/c during the day while we were at the beach and turning it on before bed for an hour or two. We found out when the local farmers markets were so that we could purchase produce and other goods from local farmers. We used the clothesline to dry our clothes, towels and suits.

Although, I already know that being green is a culmination of multiple decisions and choices we make everyday. My vacation botches were a reinforcement of the importance of developing green habits, planning ahead and being prepared.  If you haven't taken your vacation yet you can ease my conscience by not repeating the same mistakes that I made.

If you are on vacation in Saratoga then consider using stainless steel water bottles and travel mugs instead of plastic and Styrofoam cups. For your shopping excursions downtown you can use a designer reusable bag.  Happy Vacation!

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Karen Totino, owner of Green Conscience in Saratoga Springs, has a history of caring about environmental issues starting with her own family and neighborhood. Beginning with her already successful organic lawn care business, Karen became actively involved in community efforts supporting work on cleanups and conservation through Friends of Kayaderosseras, a not- for -profit organization focused on conserving the creek. As an energetic entrepreneur, Karen wants to effect change in a greater way through offering green alternatives to consumers who seek better choices for their families and for the environment.