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Hicks Orchard

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Beyond espressos and smoothies there is something that neither trends nor technology have changed: cider. Fresh apple cider served hot on the very orchard from which the apples were harvested.

A day trip to Hick's Orchard, from picking your own apples in the acre upon acre of beautiful apple trees, playing in the corn maze and visiting farm animals, to watching cider pressing the mill or noshing on cider donuts, is sure to please all the senses. Don't forget, there is also raspberry picking.

Don't just buy local, pick local!

For more details, please visit the Hick's Orchard website.

Willard Mountain

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Whether you want to catch your winter air by tube or ski, Willard Mountain Terrain Park in Easton is your stop!

Jumps, rails and funboxes all await your adventurous side, if you prefer to catch your winter thrills lodge-side,

Willard Mountain has piping hot drinks and tasty snacks in the lodge. The Tubing Park also offer party and company outing options.

For more details, please visit the Willard Mountain website.

Heavenly Cheesecake, no, seriously.

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It may not be the bible belt, but Washington County sure has its share of divine triumph. The Monks of New Skete have long been known for their masterful work breeding, raising and training German Shepherds and many other breeds of dogs identified as "unruly." Animal Planet launched a show called "Divine Canines" in 2007 based on the Monks' work.

cheesecake.jpgWhat you may not know is that the Nuns of New Skete have a claim to fame all their own, cheesecakes. That's right, cheesecakes, a dessert often referred to as heavenly, but never more appropriately than with those made by the Nuns. Attend any graduation party, black tie affair or family gathering around here and you are sure to be served one of the spectacular Nuns of New Skete cheesecakes. So, whether you have a sweet tooth or a training question, you are sure to have a dog gone good time.

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