Your Saratoga Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

Here comes the bride! Whether you are seeking a traditional Saratoga wedding ceremony or would prefer to customize a unique ceremony for your wedding day, here you will find great tips for planning the perfect event!

Location, Location, Location!

First, you must decide where you want to hold your wedding ceremony. You may want to have it in a local church, chapel, synagogue or other religious venue. Or you might prefer the convenience of holding it in the same location as your wedding reception. Many couples opt to exchange their vows beside a glimmering lake or in the midst of a beautiful garden, such as Congress Park or Yaddo Gardens. You may choose to go elaborate, or perhaps a simple ceremony is more your style. It's all up to you! Browse local ceremony sites at »

Ceremony Officiant

If you do not belong to one of the local churches in Saratoga, you may be wondering who you will have officiate your ceremony. Don't worry, there are many options when it comes to wedding officiants. You can hire a clergy person, go with a Village or Town Justice of the Peace or choose from a variety of other wedding officiants.

The key thing to remember is that you must reserve your officiant well in advance, and be sure to discuss with them the cost and/or requirements for having them officiate. Some, for example, might require premarital counseling sessions or that both parties are the same religion, etc. It's important to know these things ahead of time. Browse wedding officiants in the Saratoga area »

Music At Your Ceremony

In addition to your attire and wedding decor, your music choices are probably the next most important factor in setting the mood for your ceremony. You have many options when it comes to wedding ceremony music, whether you want to go completely traditional, a little daring, fun, quirky, classical or unique - explore your options! Many couples even choose to have musically talented family members play traditional or original compositions during the ceremony.

There are generally six major parts of a ceremony that require music:

  • The prelude
  • The wedding party’s processional
  • The bride’s processional
  • The interlude
  • The recessional
  • The postlude

See a list of popular wedding songs at's blog »

Your Wedding Vows

Though it's easy to get caught up in planning all the important details of your wedding day, the most important part is exchanging vows with your spouse to be. That's what makes the day really special! There are many different wedding vows to choose from, and you can even write your own, but this is the part of the ceremony where you promise to give yourselves to each other as husband or wife and stay true until death shall you part.

Many couples find it more meaningful to write their own vows and recite them at the ceremony, but others like the timelessness of reciting the traditional vows. Talk with your sweetheart about which is right for you. If you opt for traditional wedding vows, your officiant will likely be able to offer a list containing many different variations for you to choose from.

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