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Check, check, check! Discover all the bases you need to cover before you can call your wedding planning complete! This wedding prep checklist offers a rundown of the most common tasks brides and grooms need to complete before the big day, as well as the general timeline for when they should be completed.

Please note: The following wedding prep checklist should be used only as a planning guide and should not be considered a complete list of everything you may need to take care of before your wedding day. Meet with a local wedding planner to help map out a complete wedding prep checklist, customized to your needs.

1 Year Before The Wedding

8 - 10 Months Before The Wedding

5 - 7 Months Before The Wedding

  • Sign Up For Wedding Gift Registries
  • Purchase Wedding Stationery
  • Order Custom Postage Stamps
  • Select Your Wedding Cake
  • Arrange Accommodations For Out-Of-Town Guests
  • Decide On A Honeymoon Location
  • Apply For Your Passport
  • Begin Marriage Counseling Sessions

4 Months Before The Wedding

3 Months Before The Wedding

2 Months Before The Wedding

1 Month Before The Wedding

  • Design Your Wedding Program
  • Apply For Marriage License
  • Purchase Wedding Accessories
  • Go Through A Trial Run Of Your Hair & Makeup
  • Get Your Formal Bridal Portrait

2 Weeks Before The Wedding

  • Call Any Guests Who Haven't Responded
  • Give Your Caterer A Final Guest Count
  • Pick Up Your Marriage License
  • Design Seating Plan For Reception
  • Confirm Rental & Floral Deliveries
  • Book A Nail Appointment

1 Week Before The Wedding

  • Pack For Honeymoon
  • Confirm All Reservations

1 Day Before The Wedding

  • Get A Manicure & Pedicure
  • Give Rings To Best Man
  • Get Some Rest!

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