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Winter SnowstormBreak out those shovels and scarves, Saratogians. According to the Post Star,  

 A winter storm watch has been issued as two snowstorms move east and approach upstate New York. 

The watch is in effect starting Tuesday morning and stretches into Wednesday night. More than a foot of snow is expected across the region from the two storms, according to the National Weather Service. 
Snow is expected to begin Tuesday morning, with 3 to 8 inches expected for the southern Adirondacks from the first wave, which will end Tuesday night. The second, bigger storm will move into the region overnight Tuesday, and it will bring a longer, heavier period of snow that will last for much of Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service.
 Some sleet and ice is possible during the second storm in southern parts of the region.
Yeah. Fun times. But...snow day? For those smaller Saratogians, check out the Saratoga school closings! (but obviously not until it starts snowing!)  
Valentines Day cupcakesJanuary tends, for me, to be one of those lost months, and this last week, especially engenders itself to be a lost week or a lost weekend. One of those times where you look back and say 'Where did that month (week, day) go?'

For me personally, this weekend will not be as such, for reasons I will leave off the internet...but fun will ensue. 

There are a lot of things happening soon to look forward too, though! What are you looking forward to the most?    

Weekend Events In Saratoga - January 28, 29, 30

Well, there are flurries right now. But Saratoga isn't going to be getting what the rest of the Northeast has gotten in terms of quantity of snowfall...or so it seems. As I have always said -- never trust the weathermen.

But as for what is going on this weekend? It's the last weekend of January. And next weekend is Chowderfest...everyone is prepping their stomachs, or at least I am. 

But back to the question -- this weekend in Saratoga. Anberlin & Circa Survive are at Northern Lights the 29th. Putnam Den has a full lineup, and the Fighting 86's are at the Irish Times Saturday. And it's Gravity's 5th anniversary performance at Prime. Saratoga and music go hand in hand. But for more performances in the Capital Region, check out the Weekender...     

What are you doing this weekend? 
Congress Park in Saratoga Springs in the winter
The weekly photo: snow lingers in congress park.

I saw a blurb this morning on All Over Albany that David Sedaris is coming to Proctors on April 9th. He came to Skidmore a year or two ago...or maybe three? Anyway. He's been to the area before, and honestly, he is one of my favorite essayists, and for that matter some of the only contemporary 'literature' I will read. 

Between seeing this and the recent Saratoga Reads! events going on here, and the winter weather in Saratoga and the fact that all I want to do right now is curl up with hot chocolate and a good novel, it's got me thinking about books. 

The book for Saratoga Reads is The Housekeeper and the Professor... 

But what good books have you read lately? 

I have a lot of books on my shelf to read, but it seems like the ones that I've been picking up lately have been my guilty pleasure genres...teen paranormal novels. But...that's a whole 'nother story. 

Frozen Saratoga

So I wake up this morning. And I am totally convinced that my phone is playing a sick joke on me. It said that Saratoga Springs was -26 degrees. 

But I am later convinced they ('they' being the technology gods) were right, as my car would not unlock...and thus i had to fold myself into a pretzel, get into my car through my trunk, unlock a back door, crawl over my back seats to put the key in the ignition, and unlock the driver-side door. And my car started fine. Sheesh. 

Yet that (and the fact that I still can't really feel my fingertips) is secondary to what I found out this weekend. Through another local band, Dryer, on Facebook -- oh, the wonders of the social network. 

Local Saratoga band Phantogram (formerly Charlie Everywhere) is going to Coachella.  
Annnnd there was more snow in Saratoga when I woke up this morning to drive to work. Looked like about 4 inches of powder. Maybe? I'm not that good with math. I guess January is making up for December's lack of snow, relatively.

But it looks like the Saratoga weather forecast is for flurries possibly tonight with a clear weekend ahead.

Did any of you kids out there get a day off work, or school for that matter? Got any winter activities in the works for this weekend to take advantage of the powder? Sledding? Skiing? Snow bunny-ing? Hot chocolate drinking? Let me know!    
High speed rail might be built from Albany to NYC, Obama is coming to Schenectady tomorrow...and I am planning on doing absolutely nothing this weekend. 

Of course, I say that every weekend, and it usually ends up not happening. I forget someone's birthday dinner, go to my parents for the holidays, or end up crawling up the walls and needing to socialize...cabin fever at it's best. 

The best way to get rid of cabin fever, in my opinion?? Get outside. Like, outside, outside. The sun helps with your mood -- scientists say so! Or you can be hermity, but be a loud hermit, listen to music, clean...(last Sunday evening I scrubbed my floors..shhh) Or, I dunno, get a hobby, get a boyfriend, find your friends and go see a movie (or if none of your friends are around..well, hm. I don't know about that). 

And as is with every weekend in Saratoga, music is a staple, at all the usual places, and as per usual, we've put together the Capital Region Weekender to spark ideas in people to maybe get rid of said cabin fever. 

But if you don't feel the beat...(bad pun, sorry) what are you doing this winter to get rid of cabin fever? 

A Saratoga Winter

Saratoga winter

Ok, ok, I know I asked for more snow in Saratoga but seriously, a girl needs a break. Tonight we are supposed to get that lovely wintery mix -- which scares me -- a lot of Saratoga weather conditions do and ice is always more dangerous than snow. 

I don't know. Maybe its because I recently found out that I am no longer (technically) a firey Leo, but rather a Cancer (why does the world have to wobble) that I've been wimping out of things lately...and one of them is driving in the snow. Saratoga Springs needs to remember that I'm not born and bred here, and I just can't bring myself to drive white-knuckled at 30mph up the Northway, I just can't -- or even do what some people do and go (gasp) 50mph. Sue me for being cautious, and driving a small car. 

Brake light and early if you have to go out, and safe driving for those who went to work and are driving home tonight through said wintery mix! 

For those of you at home -- what are you doing to enjoy the snow day??

There seems to be some sort of pub.lounge.thing being worked on under Ezperanto, D.A.'s, The Vault & Saratoga Guitar's second location. New bar? Caroline Street? Surprising.

Supposedly, it's horse themed (it's Saratoga, of course it's horse themed...were you expecting something different?) and the building permit says it's called The Paddock Bar.

The owner of the building, Bill Walbridge, is keeping the details hush-hush for a bit longer.

But as the Saratogian In The Biz blog entry notes:
"It's a dynamite space. The space is pretty vast and cavernous, with really high ceilings.They're beginning to finish up (renovating) the facilities and are now getting into the d├ęcor."
The venue is big enough to host live music, Pouch said, and it appears it will be ready to join the Saratoga nightlife circuit by this summer." 
Any guesses as to the success of this venue, or what incarnation it'll take? Or does anyone have details they'd be willing to share?? I'm all ears.

We all know there are a surplus of cutesy, small and upscale boutiques in Saratoga. But there's a new one in town, and I stopped by on my snow day...that is, Wednesday. 
Yellow Boutique in Saratoga Springs
I gave Emily Davis at Yellow Boutique a call to see if she was even in the shop, and lo and behold, she was. 

I had heard about her because she has a listing here on saratoga.com, and I....uhm...I'm a girl. I like to shop. Sue me. Any excuse to see a new place in town. And I'm glad I stopped in! 

Emily was indeed there with her adorable dog, Izzy. For a second, I wasn't quite sure how to actually get into the store -- it's downstairs, and the upper windows of the shop are at street level. So for a moment I was confused...but, success, and I was in Yellow Boutique. 

The Weekend To Come

Footprints in the snow in Saratoga SpringsIt's Thursday already. How did that happen?? 

Yesterday, many of us had days off from work...I mean....snow days? I mean...we all went to work. Yes, yes, we did.

But after yesterdays snowfall, nobody can deny that it really is winter. How much snow did you get where you are? Albany got record snowfall for the day. And the snow in downtown Saratoga was pretty bad, too. 

But the fact that it's winter doesn't mean we can't have fun!  

Collateral Damage

Collateral damage from the snowstorm that hit Saratoga

Congress Park in Saratoga Springs during the winterComing back to live in upstate NY has really made me cynical about the weathermen. Especially when it comes to snowfall. 

My parents always joke that because I like winter and cold weather and snow so much that I bring warmer weather with me wherever I go during the winter time. It seems to be holding true, over the years. 

This whole nonsense with the snowfall lately has been giving me the same frustrations. I want real Saratoga Springs winter, ok? It's still a novelty for me -- I'm a transplant townie, what can I say. And, plus...I just like snow! (Though not driving in it, never do I enjoy driving in it) 
This weekend there were two announcements on the national scale that affect our dear little Saratoga Springs. 

Good news or bad news first? 

Bad news? OK. Obama isn't coming to Schenectady on Tuesday, as he is calling for a moment of silence for the victims of the shooting in Arizona (right now, actually....11:00 AM). The visit will be 'rescheduled' but the White House is unsure as to when.     
It's official. 

That Saratoga Springs has declared a snow emergency, of course. Why would there be anything else worth mentioning? (I mean, it's not like the President is coming to town...oh. Wait.) 
snow on branches
The Department of Public Works declared a snow emergency beginning at 9 this morning that could drop from five to twelve inches of snow in the Saratoga region. For more details -- check out the article on the Saratogian.  So brace yourselves -- but remember...weathermen always lie, and i'm looking out my window right now, and it's barely flurries out there. 

As for that other thing going on...well, the President is coming to Schenectady on Tuesday January 11, 2011. Likely taking a tour of the GE facility there, and maybe catching some hoops. But who knows? He only stayed maybe, oh, two hours last time he was in town?

Only time will tell.
GuitaristThis weekend is a....recovery weekend, for most. Time to recoup from the craziness of New Years (and for those that braved Saratoga, myself included -- First Night). My big plans for this weekend include...well, sleeping. I do that a lot. 

But! There is still quite a bit going on. Tim Ortiz is at Saratoga Winery Friday; there's a benefit Saturday at the Putnam Den for the Saratoga Rowing Association; Northern Lights has a Rock n Roll Fashion Show Saturday and Valentine's in Albany has a full lineup this weekend. All this we have listed on the Capital Region Weekender...check it out. 
Wordless Wednesday

New Years New Gym

New gym in Saratoga SpringsOne of those promises we make to ourselves every year -- or at least the ladies of the bunch -- is to be better about going to the gym. Right? And maybe,  maybe we will go to the gym for a month, month and a half...and then the shine of New Years resolutions wears off.

But if you're interested in keeping the resolution to stay fit this year -- there's a new gym in town...or rather, a new gym in an old place. It's not Global Fitness anymore -- say hello to High Rock Fitness.

I'm not one to make resolutions specifically for New Years, but I do have to say, I have quite a few major 'tasks' that I want to keep going -- including returning to the gym, along with a few other things that will remain unmentioned...as my mother may at one point glance at this blog. She would not be happy with me. Nuh uh.

Twenty Eleven

It's 2011.

I keep trying to type 20011. Habituated to type '00' for the past ten years is a hard habit to break. But it's 2011.

What do you think this New Year will bring? Better economy? More jobs? More toys from China? Less 'green', more 'ecolocal'? If only I could predict the future (...well, then, I'd be rich. of course...like Ben Affleck in that movie Paycheck).

What are your New Year's resolutions? Go to the gym? Eat better? Eat more chocolate? Get a boyfriend? Lose one?

Honestly, I haven't set New Year's resolutions...well...ever. I am perpetually goal-setting and tasking myself to get things done or not do one thing or another, so New Year's is just same old, same old for me. My system works...most of the time.

But what are your resolutions? Anything specific to 2011? Wish you the best of luck and success in the new year, the new decade. Share your resolution, if you so desire!  

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