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As a "thirty-something" living in the Saratoga area, the nightlife on Caroline Street can be a little intimidating.
Everywhere you look, there are college students and younger locals bouncing from bar to bar, looking for the hottest club or bar.

Sometimes, when I visit these same clubs, I find myself wondering, "What IS this music? Gosh, am I really getting that old?"

For those of you who have maybe felt the same, I bring you hope this season.

The Metro is coming back. Better than ever.

Saratoga Springs is like a celebrity. You know how they have celebrity endorsements for products? If this super star celebrity uses the product, it must mean it's great, right? Well now, Saratoga Springs is being treated like a celebrity.

"You just kind of have to go for it and not look back."

Those were the words spoken by Piper Boutique owner, Alessandra Bange-Hall on February 13, 2011.

Bange-Hall, a Lake Luzerne native, opened her new boutique on March 5 in Saratoga Springs.

The boutique, located at 411 Broadway, is home to the trendiest and latest styles by BB Dakota, Ellison and Aryn K, to name a few.

Holistic Pet Treatments At A New Vet In Charlton

Have you ever heard of acupuncture for dogs? These days, treating your furry friend to the finer things in life is all the rage. With clothes, accessories, and healthier food options, why not holistic health practices for your pet?

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