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Newly Opened Turf Club Grill Serves Hunger for Something New


As a bit of a foodie, I can never grow tired of trying new dishes or hearing about new restaurant openings. More foodies can join me in excitement over the recent opening of The Turf Club Grill in Saratoga Springs.

Taking residence in place of the former Springwater Inn Bistro (that's 139 Union Avenue), The Turf Club Grill offers a selection of what one of its owners calls "casual gourmet".

What does that mean? Well, it includes New York Style Steak, grilled tuna with Yukon gold potates, spiced salmon salad, applewood smoked bacon...I'm already sold.

The culinary force behind the new Turf Club Grill is none other than the local family team Beverly Reedy and her son Rob. Local palates might remember Reedy from Beverly's Restaurant on Phila Street or by her line of local specialty condiments, called "Beverly's Best".

As a former executive chef on a private island in Belize, with restaurant openings in St. Croix, Rob is as experienced as his mother. Some of the items on the menu are inspired and influenced by tastes he picked up in these areas.

The menu is completely hand-prepared, with "everything from the bread to the salad dressings...made in house" according to Reedy. It's also very moderately priced, with the costliest dinner going for $28.

You can find more reasonable rates on the wine list - because, as Rob says, "we want to see a bottle on every table". The entire list was hand-selected by both owners.

For now, the restaurant is only serving dinner dishes from 5-10pm (though the full bar services from 4pm til midnight), but personally I hope success will lead to a lunch and breakfast menu. Can you imagine the tasty sandwiches and omlettes? Mmmmm!

The Turf Club Grill might have just opened in early May, but already the Reedys have stomachs rumbling! For more information, give a ring at (518) 584-5051.

Think you'll try a dinner at the Turf Club? What kinds of restaurants would you like to see in Saratoga Springs? Tell us all!

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