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Hold your horses... literally! Saratoga Springs, NY now fits into the palm of your hand with the release of a brand new Saratoga.com iPhone app -- Saratoga.com On The Go!

Racing season has just begun, and now vacationers and locals alike have an all new resource for finding what they need around town, from places to eat to public bathrooms to racing events, local businesses, reviews, parks, planner, complete events calendar, Saratoga contests, vacation itineraries and other really cool features, including -- you guessed it -- access to this ever-so-popular /whatsnew blog you are reading now -- all in the palm of your hand!

As we said, this iPhone app was JUST released, so get the word out, tell your friends, and be one of the first to download it here!

The NYC Ballet has long been a major draw in Saratoga Springs, and SPAC is the perfect venue to enjoy their spectacular performances. The 2011 NYC Ballet season may be over in Saratoga Springs, but the numbers are hard to ignore.


Lunch in Saratoga: delicious food, outdoor dining, basking in the sunshine. But where should you start? There are so many dining options in Saratoga! Should you be at the Farmers Market or a historic eatery? Luckily for the indecisive, there's a solution to the dilemma.

"Can you hear me now?" The phrase that dominated cell phone commercials earlier in the decade seems silly today. Virtually everywhere has service now. But cell phone service in the area is still far from perfect, which is why it's exciting to announce that as part of their new 4G LTE network, Verizon has made Saratoga Springs a permanent cell site. What does this mean for you?

Everybody knows Saratoga is "Destination Vacation", even bigshots like the New York City Ballet and the Philadelphia Orchestra. As the ballerina's bow out, turn your ears to the grand and diverse program of the 100-piece orchestra.

The story of local Glens Falls High graduate who went on to become an NBA player has come to Saratoga in the form of an untried racehorse.

Indie Film Shot in Saratoga Receives Praise From Film Festivals Across US

The springs have been famous for a long time, but now Saratoga is becoming a full-blown movie star, with a leading role as the filming location for the new indie comedy "Virgin Alexander".

Virgin Alexander Trailer from Adlava LLC on Vimeo.

When racing season starts it's hard not to notice the influx of everything race track in downtown Saratoga Springs. The summer revolves around the races and the special events that take place at the track. But this summer, it won't just be Saratoga that realizes the Saratoga Springs Race Track is an exciting must-see: big names across the country are spreading the word the historic summer pastime is a vibrant thing of the present!

With the sweltering heat this past weekend, the thought of a big hat and all its shade is a welcome thought. And during "Hats off to Saratoga" this weekend at the opening of the Saratoga Racetrack, four women took a very creative turn to their bonnets.

railcar.jpgAfter a long time in the making, the scenic Saratoga & North Creek Railway made its inaugural run last week, as mentioned in an earlier post. The track that connects Saratoga Springs with North Creek is owned by the town of Corinth and Warren County, and hadn't been used in over 50 years. 

crowds-saratoga-racetrack.jpgAnnnnnd they're off! Racing season is here, and if Opening Day at Saratoga Race Course is any indication of what the rest of Opening Weekend in Saratoga Springs will look like, I'd say heat, crowds and excitement are a sure bet (no pun intended).

Many fans on our Saratoga Springs, NY Facebook page were concerned about the safety of the horses racing in this kind of heat. Some were calling NYRA to cancel if the heat continued, but the races continued without issue and without any heat-related complications, thankfully. They sprayed the horses down with a hose periodically to keep them cool, and from what I could tell, the heat didn't seem to affect them much. And that's a good thing because....cooling-horses.jpg

Celebrity visits are beginning to become commonplace in the Capital Region - Bobby Flay is returning to Saratoga in August, Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper have been sighted filming in Schenectady, and now Kevin Dillon of "Entourage" fame is going to be in Saratoga on Friday night!

Saratoga Racetrack has always been a wonderful place to people-watch, and many enjoy taking in the latest in style displayed by track-goers. This hot summer, many women will take advantage of the red-hot dress trend, which according to Elle and Glamour magazines, shows no signs of slowing down! Perfect for making the transition from casual to evening (throw a scarf/bold necklace in your bag?) trending right now are maxi dresses, 60's looks ,tribal patterns and crochet and lace details.

Downtown Saratoga Springs offers a plethora of shops to pick up any style you desire...from casual shifts in wrinkle-free, cool fabrics that you can pop over your head and go (think Gap, Eddie Bauer, Chico's, Banana Republic) to dressier or more tailored designs (found at Saratoga Trunk, Violet's, Ann Taylor, to name but a few downtown Saratoga Springs shops). The right sandals or shoes and accessories complete your look.....and it was so easy! (and cool!)

Now, add the right hat (cooler yet) and you're off to the races and beyond!

A day at the track can get expensive, especially if you are attending with your family, but this season there is no need to break the bank to enjoy a full day at the track, food and all. The Saratoga Race Course is lowering the prices on several of its most popular refreshments!

Ready to strut the streets with confidence? You will be after a visit to Saratoga's newest lingerie and waxing boutique, Chic Underneath!

Looking to treat yourself or your guests to a little afternoon delight? The Grey Gelding at 423 Broadway, Saratoga Springs kicks off the racing season beginning today with an incredible "Tuesday at the Gelding" luncheon package! Sit back and enjoy a meet and greet with special guests including authors, handicappers and jockeys while enjoying your all-inclusive, delectable meal featuring local ingredients used to prepare Cajun, Tuscan, and California cuisine bistro-style!

Priced at $30 in advance/$40pp at the door, this quintessential Saratoga bistro and bar offers an amazing menu, sure to please any palate. Price includes your choice of lunch menu items, one side, and one cocktail. The Grey Gelding is also known for it's extensive wine list, and today is the first of their Tuesday wine and beer tastings from 2:30-4:00, featuring none other than Brian Gwynn, "The Wine Guy!"

Interested yet? But there's more: Tuesdays at the Grey Gelding will also feature give-aways including back-stretch passes, box seats, horse memorabilia, and on the last Tuesday of the season, they will be auctioning off a yet-to-be-revealed jockey's jersey!

Head on over today and find out why Tuesday may just become your favorite day of the week! For more information: www.greygelding.com, or call 518-584-0957.

Clean out your closets to get rid of the lackluster lingerie. Throw away that ugly, uncomfortable shape wear. There's a new boutique in town and it's guaranteed to amaze. Discover Saratoga's newest, most intimate secret.

KR-LOGO.jpgFrom the hills of Hollywood, Krystal Rose Studio recently moved to the Capital Region and is now serving Saratoga NY. Her mission? To bring the glam to your home!

That's right, ladies. You no longer have to travel "out" for your facial, haircut, massage, nail appointment and more. With their motto, "We bring the spa to you!", Krystal Rose Studio provides all the professional skills and treatments of a luxury spa, without leaving the comfort of home!

This past spring on ABC's Secret Millionaire, I saw the "Beauty Bus" episode where they go around providing in-home spa and beauty services to chronically and terminally ill people as a charity, and I thought, "Wow, what a great idea not only for charity but for an actual business. Now if only someone would do that around here!" Well, now someone is!

In honor of his wife's 85th birthday, John Hendrickson had a pink, fragrant tea rose genetically engineered and named the "Marylou Whitney Rose."

Named for the Italian term "on a whim", the menu of newly-opened Capriccio is just as capricious, eclectic and delicious as its italiano namesake!

Jeremy Edge proved that he would go to great lengths for a great cause. On June 12th he set out to walk the distance between two of New York's most popular race tracks: Belmont Park and Saratoga Race Course.


Sperry's and Brunch. They go together like cinnamon and sugar, champagne and orange juice, and well, lunch and breakfast! Good news for everyone in Saratoga! This match made in heaven is coming this weekend alongside of something special for Sperry's...

We live in a beautiful region of New York State, but sometimes we don't get to relax and see it all. Now you can take a leisurely old-fashioned journey through the scenic Adirondacks aboard the Saratoga and North Creek Railway.

....every one is a winner! There are thirty-four horse sculptures scattered throughout beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY, one more amazing than the next. Everyone can name at least one favorite, though (for the kids, in many cases it's the Stewart's Ice Cream horse, outfitted with colorful ice-cream cones!) These fantastic works of art are wonderfully pleasing to the eye and certain to put you in a festive mood!

These statuesque beauties are just of another reason why Saratoga Springs, NY is a special place to live and visit. There's even a fully operating vintage carousel in Congress Park, very conveniently located near Ben and Jerry's ice-cream! (more ice-cream: can you really get enough?) Oh, yes, on or off the track, our horses will put a smile on your face and in your heart.

How many of our horsey residents will your family meet this summer? To view a complete list of the incredible artists behind each sculpture, their sponsors and where you can find them (hint: great walking tour!) www.esc.edu/personal/clt/lhg/horses.nsf/horsemap?

Have you tried the latest in caffeinated beverages, debuting recently in our very own Saratoga Springs? Locals residents Steve and Kristen Gilbank have introduced Element, which promises to allow those who imbibe to "hydrate, motivate, and concentrate" ....and claims to taste just like, well, water!

For those of us who are concerned with natural ingredients, this beverage lists only three on it's label: purified water, purified theanine (found in green tea leaves), and tasteless, odorless natural caffeine extracted from green coffee beans (some of us will google theanine, myself included, to further inform ourselves.) Additionally, the beverage contains 0 sugar and 0 calories!

There's no doubt that a lot of us will be curious concerning the taste and quenchability of Element, and will join the many who sampled it in Saratoga recently, with much enthusiasm it seems! An exciting venture and you can quench your curiousity by purchasing online at Amazon.com., locally at The Hungry Spot on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, or by calling 518-633-4124, extension 0. Bottoms-up!

For more information: Element Caffeinated Water on Facebook, or www.drinkelement.com. Does it "simply taste like water?"

Saratoga has hooked Bobby Flay. The Food Network star has made multiple visits to the area over the past few years, and two area eateries were even featured as spots for his famous "throw downs." This summer Flay returns to the area for something special...

Video Made by Local Producers Goes Viral

Patrick Willems once was a film student himself. But rather than drinking espresso and looking moody, the Saratoga native turned his college experience into a successful viral video: "Film Students Getting Punched."

Want to try out that new yoga craze, but afraid of the heat in Hot Yoga Saratoga, where the temperature reaches up to 105 degrees? Well you're in luck - the studio is expanding to include a "little sister" - One Yoga Saratoga.

Headed out for dinner and drinks? Saratoga's nightlife scene offers a ton of great of options, but why not try something new? Mine Nightclub, located at 388 Broadway, has expanded to include a restaurant and will now serve a full menu, and it might be just what you're looking for this weekend.

Saratoga Springs is known for its artistic community, with dozens of galleries, including the well-known Beekman Street Art Scene. Now you can take home your own piece of downtown art as the Sorelle Gallery returns to Saratoga Springs for the summer!

Yes folks, it's that famous time of summer come again - the Fourth of July weekend, marked by barbecues, picnics, and the best part - the grand finale of fireworks.

Our region has one of the few remaining drive-in movie theatres in the country.....and what a very good thing! Many of us have fond memories of family outings where the kids just didn't have a regular bedtime, and were treated to a double-feature of the latest and greatest releases... our very own Malta Drive-In has been in business since 1949!

Featuring two screens, for a total of four movie selections per night, Malta Drive-In is very conveniently located only one mile south of Northway Exit 13S....you can't miss their flashing Marquee. And nobody will go hungry: order up some real throw-back favorites, including chili dogs, hamburgers, nachos, chicken fingers, and mozzarella sticks, along with a dazzling array of candy and ice cream (this is a very important part of the experience, and the kids love it! $5.00 fee applies if you choose to pack your own eats).

At $8.00/over 12 admission, $3.00/under 12, what a great bargain for TWO movies! And there's something very comforting not only about price, but also the nostalgic feeling of the Malta Drive-In.....many visitors to the area are delighted to make a night of it, as very likely it's not an available option where they live!

My older teenagers actually invited my husband and I for a night out...and believe me, I wouldn't miss it! Bring the bug spray and sweatshirts, and join us! Open until September! What's playing? www.maltadrivein.com.

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