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August 24 to be declared Saratoga Chip Day

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Saratoga is all that and a box of chips! For those who aren't aware, the potato chip was invented here in Saratoga Springs, NY over 150 years ago, and Saratoga Specialties company offers the original recipe of the 'Saratoga Chip' in their original packaging -- little snack boxes! (more on this later)

And now Mayor Scott Johnson has declared August 24, "Saratoga Specialties Original Saratoga Chip Day!"

Don't miss Mayor Scott T. Johnson's official presentation next Wednesday, August 24 at 11 a.m. on on the steps of City Hall in Saratoga Springs. Free snack boxes of chips will be provided for the first 100 lucky visitors to attend this presentation. If you are among this crowd, you will also get to sample the new "For Goodness Shakes" seasoning!

As legend goes, these salty snacks were invented in the Spa City in 1853. If you want the long story, click here; if you want the short story, read on.
Apparently there was a dissatisfied customer at Saratoga's Moon Lake House Restaurant who rejected the menu's french fried potatoes, wanting them crispier. Chef George Crum cut and fried a thinner batch of potatoes, but these too were rejected! Crum was aggravated! How could someone criticize his cooking?! Crum whipped up fries that were too thin and crisp to skewer with a fork, to get back at the patron. Surprisingly, the customer loved the new, exciting food!  That is how the potato chip was born, right here in our own backyard! 'Saratoga Chips' have been a big hit ever since, and it's about time a Saratoga Chip Day was designated!

So what's the significance of August 24th?

August 24, is the 158th anniversary of Crum's unintentional invention of the potato chip, and what could be more significant than that fateful day when fork could no longer meet potato?

In recent years, the Saratoga Specialties Company has reintroduced the Moon Brand Original Saratoga Chips. These throwback, crispy goodies are packaged in an identical replication of the the Moon's Lake House "take-out" box and sold nationwide as well as being available at many area venues, the latest of these being City Hall on Wednesday where the first 100 people to show up will get a free box of chips! (Box of chips still just sounds wrong, doesn't it?)

For more information, read the press release announcing Saratoga Specialties Original Saratoga Chip Day.


Have you ever tasted the popular Saratoga Chips? What do you think of them?

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