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A Little Different: Cinqui Studio's Abstract Art on Phila Street


Cinqui Studio opened on July 19 on the second floor of the historic Palmetto Fruit Warehouse Building, now known as 36 Phila Street.

It has been a dream of Victor Cinquino's since he realized his passion for abstract art.

Originally from Schenectady, he moved to Saratoga to pursue architecture. Working at his own firm, the engineer realized his inner artist who yearned for creativity outside the rigors and mathematics of designing buildings.

Even the expressiveness of Saratoga's art seemed a little traditional to Cinquino. There are many talented artists in the area, he says, but a lot of Victoriana and horses.

What sets Cinquino's work apart is that it is all produced digitally - no paints involved. Once the art is created on the computer, it is converted into a larger, high-quality print.

These prints, usually sized about 16 x 20 and selling for around $280 framed and $200, are on display at Cinqui Studio.

One print recently received an Honorable mention at the Museum of Computer Art in Brooklyn's July 2011 "Contest of the Month."

In addition to Cinquino's artwork, the gallery at 36 Phila Street will also display work from guests artists, in mediums such as photography, pottery, jewelry, and others.

Cinqui Studio is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 12pm-5pm, with extra hours from 6pm-8pm through Labor Day.

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