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Gavin Degraw Hospitalized - Cancels Appearance At SPAC


Gavin Degraw was scheduled to make a special guest appearance tonight at the Train and Maroon 5 concert at SPAC, but has cancelled and will no longer be performing, due to a serious stroke of bad luck!

The Miami Herold reports that Degraw was hospitalized early this morning, after being attacked by a group of men in New York City. Disoriented, he was struck by a taxi just minutes later. 

While Degraw is believed to be in stable condition he remains in the hospital for observation and has suffered a broken nose, concussion and cuts and bruises.

If you are headed to the concert tonight the show must go on and will no doubt be great. We wish Degraw a speedy recovery and we hope he will be back to perform in the Capital Region soon!

Do you believe in bad luck?  Jumped and hit by a cab in one night - could it be anything else? 

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