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Transformation at 13 Phila Street in Saratoga Springs


13 Phila: The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same in Saratoga Springs, NY

The new Kettlewell & Edwards Fine Art & Framing at 13 Phila Street is a lot like its predecessor - just with some new management, and more emphasis on the "Fine Art".

Chloe Kettlewell and Kate Edwards were two trusted friends and former employees of the previous owner, so it seemed only natural that the shop should pass to them.

These two have worked together for years, and have art running through their blood.

In honor of their artistic tendencies, one change Kettlewell and Edwards hope to make to 13 Phila is to expand the gallery section of their store. Framing will still remain the business's specialty.

These two will frame more than just artwork - military medals, hockey jerseys, etc. You name it, they can frame it.

They specialize in custom formats, like mirrors and personalized pieces for designers and home decorators.

Kettlewell and Edwards is also one of the few framers in the area that offers 24-karat, hand carved gold leaf moldings.

Between this and the recent opening of Cinqui Studio, Phila is becoming Beekman Street's little artistic sister.

For more information, contact (518) 584-3664.

Are you looking forward to the expansion of the gallery at Kettleweel & Edwards Fine Art and Framing? What kinds of odd items would you like to have framed? Please let us know!

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