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Child-Centered Organization Opens Office in Saratoga


The New York branch of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children opened a new office in Saratoga Springs this month.

This new office, located at 359 Ballston Avenue, will serve the Capital District of New York State.

Currently, NCMEC/NY has offices in Buffalo, Rochester, and Utica. With the addition of a new office in the Capital Region, it will be easier to pass information between and among the western and upstate areas of New York.

In addition to helping in cases of missing and exploited children, the new office will provide preventative services.

These will include child safety education programs on abduction and sexual exploitation prevention to schools and community groups, and specialized training for law enforcement.

The office will be a force against everything from cyber bulling to sexual predators.

NCMEC/NY will have booths at several summer safety and internet safety programs in various locations around the Capital Region throughout August.

Parents can bring their children to these booths for free child safety information and electronic child identification cards that include fingerprints and photographs taken free of charge.

The Center is funded entirely by private donations. For more information, contact 1-866-476-2338.

Do you think having an NCMEC office in Saratoga will be beneficial? Do you feel safer with these programs nearby? Please share your thoughts and opinions.

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