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Help Kids Have Halloween, Donate Your Old Costumes


halloween.jpgComic Depot in Wilton Mall is holding a Halloween Costume Drive to help families served by Franklin Community Center. The price tag on children's costumes can make a fun night of trick-or-treating pretty difficult for some families in need, but with the help of Kristin and Darren Cararra, and our community, we can make this night fun for everybody.

Halloween costumes are pretty expensive these days, and what do you do with it after you wear it once or twice? Unless you plan on dressing up in the same costume every year (one of my friends does this... boooorrring), you probably get rid of the costume after the holiday. But do you throw it away? There are many less fortunate children out there, who might not have the opportunity to walk into a costume shop and pick whatever costume they want.

Why not donate your costume to a costume drive, so that it can be used next year? This year, you can drop your gently used costume off at Comic Depot (near the Ruby Tuesday entrance) during mall hours, until October 15.

Costume "shoppers" will receive an invitation through Franklin Community Center to browse through the costumes on Monday, October 17 from 5-7pm at Comic Depot. Shoppers will be limited to two costumes per family, and must have the shopping pass (distributed by Franklin Community Center) in order to attend. Those who find the costume or disguise they wish to wear can leave with it, free of charge.

What a great way for families to get rid of their old costumes, while helping out the community and creating a fun-filled opportunity for the kids that might otherwise miss out on the Halloween experience. Unfortunately there are children out there that will not be trick-or-treating this year, so if you have an old costume, please think twice before throwing it away.

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