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Top 5 Sexiest Halloween Costumes For Men


Yesterday I asked our Saratoga Springs Facebook Fans to vote for whichever of the five Halloween costumes they thought were the sexiest - for men. (We've already done one for the ladies). Over 100 people offered their opinion, and the results are in!

  1. copcostume.jpgPoliceman - Everyone knows ladies can't resist a man in uniform. Leave everyone wondering whether this man in blue is a good cop or a bad cop when you dress as a studly police officer. The costume includes handcuffs, which might also come in handy...

  2. soldiercostume.jpgSoldier - Again with the uniform, only this time it's fatigues. The girls will go crazy over a sexy soldier costume. Best part? You can probably pull this one off with just some camouflage clothing.

  3. elviscostume.jpgElvis - Chicks love The King, that's a fact. Will you go with the black leather suit or the classic white suit? Bad Elvis or Good Elvis? The choice is yours, I'm sure the ladies will be just fine with either!

  4. togacostume.jpgGreek God (toga) - Who doesn't love a guy in a toga? Dressing up as a Greek God isn't only easy, its effective! Grab a small wreath or some leaves to tuck behind your ears and you'll be all set. 

  5. Incredibles-Costumes.jpgSuperHero - It doesn't matter if you're Batman, Superman, or Captain America. Super Heros have huge muscles and tight costumes, and that's sexy. Everybody has a favorite, so pick yours and get ready to impress the ladies. (Super Villains work the same way)

There were a few costumes that some fans suggested that I'll include as "Honorable Mention." 

           Athlete                                                                 FireFighter

boxercostume.jpgfiremancostume.jpgHope this helps you pick your perfect Halloween costume this year! I always look forward to seeing what fun things people dress up as at Halloween, one of my favorite holidays of the year!

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