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New Bon Ton Fish Market Coming To Saratoga?


One of my favorite things about summer in the Northeast is stealing off to Massachusetts for a weekend trip to the coast. I love swimming in the Atlantic with the crashing waves and dining out for amazing seafood, especially lobster (my favorite food).

For the rest of the year I am bummed that I can't get this kind of quality seafood so far inland here in Upstate New York... or can I...?

I heard from a coworker there might be a new fish market opening soon near Wilton Mall in Saratoga Springs -- the Bon Ton Fish Market, and it sounds very promising. I checked out their website, and they have been in business since June 26, 1902, currently serving upscale Greenwich, CT and surrounding area.

The photos on their site look fantastic! They have a wide selection of raw and cooked seafood, from clams and oysters to lobster, salmon and much more. I have an email out to them now to confirm this rumor, and I'll let you know what I hear back!

What do you think about having a new fish market come to the area?

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A person working in the market space said to me they're opening for business in 2 weeks.

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