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Partnering Up With Mamatoga To Bring You TOP FIVES


Saratoga.com has now teamed up with Mamatoga, an addicting local blog for parents, maintained by two Saratoga Springs mothers who discuss everything kids... where to eat, shop, or play, reviews on dentists, doctors and daycares, kids events and much more.

We are excited to announce this new partnership, which means Mamatoga will deliver the top five kid-friendly events in the Saratoga region every week with their brand new blog on Saratoga.com! The blog is called -- you guessed it -- TOP FIVES and can be found at Saratoga.com/top-fives (easy enough, right?).

Not sure whether a certain event will be kid friendly? Well, you can bet the ladies at Mamatoga will know! Check back each week for a new list of events that your kids are sure to love. Click on the logo below to check out the new blog:

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention, there's more to this partnership... from the Mamatoga seal of approval on certain events on our events calendar to non-kid-friendly happenings that are worth getting a babysitter for. Read on for details.

But Wait, There's MORE!

m.pngEvents that are "Mamatoga Approved" for children will now appear in our events calendar with the stamp of approval so you'll know at a glance whether or not this is something for the kiddies. The stamp of approval looks like the pink M to the right. View kids events going on now >>

In addition to the top five kid-friendly events in the area, Mamatoga will also be providing a list of the top five "Found A Babysitter" (FAB) events. So for all of you FABulous parents out there, find a baby sitter, and take some time for yourself attending these great events!

Who are the Mamas behind Mamatoga?

Jenny Witte has lived in the Saratoga Springs area for the past four years and has two children with one on the way. In addition to being the Mamatoga co-founder she also teaches children's yoga and loves horseback riding.

Julie Nolan is the proud mom of three young girls and has been in the Saratoga Springs area since 2003. She enjoys plenty of activities with her family and loves swimming and hiking. When not working on Mamatoga.com, Julie spends her time as a swim coach and teaches tot and toddler fitness classes at the YMCA.

Mothers, fathers, grandparents, caregivers, aunts and uncles, bookmark the Top Fives blog and check back each week for a new list of great things to do with (or without) the kids!

Take a look at the all-new Top Fives Blog >>
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