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New Partnership Means Healthy Food for Those in Need


Many low income families are not able to purchase fresh foods from local farmers. The EOC and Spa City Packs' Jonathan Greene have come together to advocate for a healthier Saratoga.

The Saratoga County Economic Opportunity Council  (EOC) and Jonathan Greene, founder of Spa City Packs (a Saratoga coupon book) have pooled their resources to make sure that families in need are able to have access to delicious foods from Saratoga farmers markets

For many years, the EOC has had a relationship with the Saratoga farmers market. Specifically, Mikki Bakken, a Community Services Advocate for the EOC. Representing the EOC, Bakken would go to the Saratoga Farmers Market each week and accept food donations from generous farmers. When Greene heard of this unique relationship, he decided to contribute to the effort. Greene donates approximately $1,000 to the farmers market, which in turn prints vouchers for the EOC to purchase products from market vendors. Now, low income families will have better access to locally grown products, initiating a positive nutritional impact.

Moreover, Greene has created the Spa City Packs, two card deck-sized coupon packs that are $15 each, one for food and one for entertainment. You can purchase both for $25. Greene is committing 10% of net revenue of the Spa City Packs to the EOC/Farmers Market Fresh Food program and hopes to raise $2,500 in 2012.

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