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Gordon Ramsay's New Show Comes To Cambridge!

I was hoping to break the news on this, but it looks like Al beat me to it! Gordon Ramsay, the English chef who is notorious for yelling in people's faces on Kitchen Nightmares, has another show coming up this spring on Fox, called Hotel Hell.

In Hotel Hell, Ramsay will "help fix struggling, privately owned hotels, inns and bed-and-breakfasts in destination towns across the U.S." And he's making one stop later this month in Cambridge, NY (Washington County) to take a look at the historic Cambridge Hotel.

It's so cool to have a local establishment on the show! My girlfriend is a server at the Cambridge Hotel, and she is pretty pumped to be featured on the new TV show. I can't wait to watch the show, and I look forward to following up with a first-hand opinion of Chef Ramsay!

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