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Saratoga Casino And... Hotel?


Saratoga Casino and Raceway anticipates the legalization of Governor Cuomo's proposal to enhance gaming in New York State because they have big ($40M big) plans for expansion, including adding more gaming space, a hotel and more.

Cuomo proposes allowing for Las Vegas style gambling in New York State. This means in addition to playing the slots and video gaming machines, patrons at the Saratoga Casino could also enjoy dealer-hosted gaming tables with card games and more (which I hear your odds are a lot better at the tables anyway).

Saratoga Casino tells us the plan for expansion includes an additional 15,000 square feet of gaming space! They are also planning the addition of a hotel, event center and dining options as well. The casino is also contemplating adding a parking garage. If all goes as planned with all of the above included, the expansion in its entirety would cost an estimated $40 million.

If you combine a casino, nightclub, dining and lodging, how can you go wrong?


In addition to drawing in more visitors, Saratoga Casino's project would create hundreds of new jobs for locals.

"We currently employ more than 600 team members with payroll expenditures totaling more than $20 million," said Jamie Hartman, Executive Vice President and COO of Saratoga Casino and Raceway. "The expansion would generate several hundred union construction jobs and, once completed, an estimated 400 permanent new jobs in the area."

400 new jobs sounds good to me!

So how long would the expansion at Saratoga Casino take? Hartman estimates that from ground-breaking to completion, the project would take between 6 and 9 months.

If you'll recall, Hartman's venue is not a stranger to the expansion scene. The last major expansion at Saratoga Casino and Raceway was completed in 2007 (back when it was still called Saratoga Gaming and Raceway). Those included expanding the gaming floor and adding both Vapor Night Club and the Garden Buffet.

According to the Saratogian, "Full-scale gambling requires approval by two separately elected state legislatures, which could be acquired this year and next. Voters would also have to pass the measure in a statewide referendum, possibly in November 2013."

What do you think? Is the Saratoga Casino's new expansion and job creation plan good news for the region? Are you hoping Governor Cuomo's proposal passes? Do you know of someone who could benefit from the estimated 400 new jobs created?

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