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Celebrity Sighting in Saratoga


Did you see that guy the other day who looked exactly like Daniel Day-Lewis?

Actually, you might have seen the real thing.

On March 21st, The Saratoga Idiots, an outspoken and humorous blog about what goes on in Saratoga, mentioned a rumor that the Oscar-winning actor, known for his timeless role in "My Left Foot" and the recent release of "Nine", was present in Saratoga.

What was he doing here? Apparently, scouting out Skidmore College for his son Gabriel, who currently lives with him in New York.

If the younger Day-Lewis decides to attend good ol' Skid, he won't be the first celebrity kid to go through those halls - Bruce Springsteen, Jason Alexander, and Kevin Bacon all have Skidmore alum in their families.

Later in the day, Saratoga Idiots updated the entry by saying the rumor was confirmed, but didn't cite their source...maybe they went up and asked him?

Did you see Mr. Day-Lewis on Wednesday? Believe the rumor? Tell us your thoughts!

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