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Healthy Living Market - Coming to a Place Near You!


healthy-living-recipe.pngHealth nuts, foodies, and everyone else, throw a celebration - Healthy Living Market and Cafe is headed to Wilton, NY.

Healthy Living is a Vermont-born grocery store, dedicated to shelving all that is natural, organic, and local.

This includes meat, bread, cheese, produce, and all manner of savory foods.

More than a traditional in-and-out supermarket, Healthy Living will also feature a cafe where you can grab great food on the go or settle in and satiate the appetite that looking at all the healthy food will conjure!

The market goes a step beyond being a provider of great food, but will also become a mentor to those who want to learn the secrets of cooking. Classes and live demonstrations will take place at a learning center within the supermarket.

The owners of Healthy Living took pains and a lengthy search to find the perfect location, and lucky for us, Wilton NY is it.

Construction for the new grocery store begins this summer in the space where JC Penney previously occupied - all 35,000 square feet of it, covered in delicious food. It's like a dream come true...

The grand opening of Healthy Living Market and Cafe is projected to take place next mid-winter, so about a year from now. I don't know how we're going to stop drooling until then.

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