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Saratoga Megabus Service Starts Today


A few weeks ago we mentioned that the extremely affordable bus service, Megabus, would offer a route that stopped in Saratoga Springs

Today, I am here to announce that this new route is in service starting today and we've got all the details!

The daily service will run between Burlington, Saratoga Springs and New York City with the Saratoga stop located at the Saratoga Casino and Raceway. The stop will be shared with CDTA and is located near the south entrance, off Crescent Avenue.

Trips from Saratoga to Burlington are scheduled to leave at 12 PM with trips from Saratoga to New York City scheduled to leave at 7 PM. 

Mega bus passengers will be able to park and leave their vehicle in any of the Saratoga Casino and Raceway lots.

Tickets are offered online only and are very affordable. The Megabus ticketing system always offers the first seat for $1, then increasing gradually with the maximum ticket price at $19.

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